Life behind the walls of MIT Girls Hostels

Breaking window panes, laser fights, playing blaring loud music on 2200 watt speakers, watching ‘things’ on laptops, gaming competitions on LAN, birthday celebrations at 12 and post b’day pain…..all this reminds one of any regular boys’ hostel. We all know quite a lot about what happens there, side by side a speculation keeps going around regarding what all happens in girls’ hostel (no idea for the reason behind this). So for all those, let us have a sneak peek into the life behind the big walls covering blocks 1-4 and the gigantic 13th block.

6:45 am: Tring tring………..the alarm rings. Yawn….for 8 am class, it’s time to get up and get going.

7:30 am: Ready to go to have breakfast. Yes! We need this much time to get ready just for class, though not all of us are like this. Skipping bath is not so uncommon but skipping breakfast is a rare thing even if it means running to the nearest mess and grabbing a piece of bread from your friend’s plate.

Let us now directly move on to 5pm. Nothing interesting happens in the lunch time, except for some nap or some gossip.

5 pm: The silent hostel suddenly seems to have come to life with girls roaming around, chatting, shouting from one end of the hostel to the other, putting clothes in the washing machine (its ok, guys can feel jealous now), doing usual stuff.

All the girl-bonding as well as the cat fights are at its peak at this time. Are you surprised by fights? Well then don’t be because it happens here and though it’s not violent, it is ugly. It eventually escalates to the extent of complaining to the matrons, wardens as well as the chief warden. Sometimes parents too are involved. Grouping up against one girl is no new thing. Just on the other hand, getting ready for an outing portrays a completely different picture of girl bonding, from selection of clothes to exchanging of accessories, all of it takes place extensively.

Post dinner time: As stated 9:30 pm is the perm time for 1st years and it is strictly followed for the girls. You enter at 9:45pm and you are sure to lose peace of mind to the matrons. They know us by name and room numbers as well. FREAKY!! And yes we have to sign everyday so a night out becomes pretty difficult (No proxies here!). Of course where there is a will, there is a way.

As the night grows dark, different areas of the hostel have different things going on. Gossip sessions keep going on in rooms and you are most welcome if you too have some to share. It can be related to anything- teachers (not considered a very interesting topic), boys of your class (good enough but the talk need not be always goody goody) and gossip about some girl (WOW). Step out of the room…the corridors are filled with girls on phone, some laughing, some blushing, some crying as well. Need not mention who on the other end of the phone is. Let us move to the TV room. It is mostly used for anything other than watching television. It could be for doing the EG assignments with the TT tables as drawing boards, guitar sessions by some talents, more gossip sessions etc. Before the start of a new day, the clock strikes 12 am and one can hear at least ten girls shouting on the top of their voices “Happy Birthday….” Lots of gifts, photographs, and cakes…the birthday celebrations are quite pleasant here but that is just one type of celebration. The other one includes squashing rotten tomatoes, eggs, cake, shampoo, conditioner, and cream on the birthday girl and room freshener on the top to get rid of the awful smell.

Once I was just wondering how the utility charge of block 1 is more than that of block 16 or 17. Almost every girl has a hair dryer, hot plate, iron and some even have air coolers and ovens so it says it all, everything justified. Last but not the least, the time 2 am. It is quite quiet around and you might find one or two girls roaming around, well let’s just say in a very drowsy mood.

Life in our girls’ hostel is pretty simple I believe. Rest is up to you to decide.

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