Letter to ManipalBlog from a girl student at Manipal. . .

It’s been a while since I have felt this conflicted as a girl. I have been weakened by the knowledge of what has happened here at Manipal.

I never thought I’d had to actually face such a dilemma, at least not here, at such a wonderful little University town. I admit I was plagued with this slight paranoia prior to my knowledge of the rape. Now that I know it has actually happened, I realize I am truly afraid.

When I first got confirmation that this disgusting and intolerable act had occurred at Manipal University and occurred right in front of the University building, I cried and felt sick. I was outraged that a girl was violated. I felt angry that the students were not notified immediately that it had occurred. I feel robbed, somehow, of my confidence and security. I felt vulnerable.

I wonder if these guys, these rapists, these disgusting pigs, ever crossed my path. I wonder if I might have smiled at them, if they smiled back, if they watched me secretly or if I may be next. As I walk, if I hear someone behind me, I get a queasy feeling and I keep looking back just to be on the safe side. I may seem paranoid, but I feel that it is justified.

Rape ranks among my greatest fears, along with being murdered, drowned, or suffocated.

I’m very angry that I had to find out about this rape through a friend of a friend. I’m outraged that these sick perverts are still out there, that it is known what kind of vehicle they were driving, that the area where they abducted a fellow student victim  is an area in which I walk through fairly casually feeling protected when I am not.

I am learning a lot of lessons in all of this madness. I am learning that I cannot expect anyone to protect me. I have to rely on myself. I can’t rely on the police or the campus security because they are not keeping us informed, about these crimes. I feel we have the right to know that a girl, a fellow student, has been raped because we too are girls and that makes us ready victims for these sick bastards.

I am conflicted. I want to be strong. I feel that I am strong. I arrived here at Manipal and suddenly I am weakened and am afraid. I’ve become prey. It seemed to me that the older I became, the stronger and more independent I would become, but I am realizing that there are men out there that are bothered by women having power, so they feel they have to rob us of it.

If I had it my way, it would be an eye for an eye with regards to rapists. I would penalize them with unrelenting torture. I have no sympathy for them.

*I wish to remain anonymous. This is not just my view… I believe this letter is from every girl in the University today!!


  1. Dear Anonymous…here goes:
    1. Manipal is safe if you’re careful enough.
    2.Feeling ‘weakened’ is the last response girls should give right now
    3.It’s common sense that we all should be self-reliant.
    4.Your paranoia-our paranoia- is the last thing we need right now.
    5.Don’t get worked up thinking who the rapists were..
    6.You will be strong if you wanna be strong…which depends on how you think.
    This is exactly the response people expect from women after the news of another rape…be a little sensible…and the way people exaggerate such news and spread panic, it’s perhaps better not to tell anyone.

    • One of the rare, non stereotypical posts after any attack on women is yours. People should realise this is not men vs women. Its criminals vs victimsnon criminals

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    When I refer to you I refer to every girl or for that matter every student of MU. This incident has shocked us all irrespective of the gender and we all pray that concerned authorities will now finally lift up their trousers.

    It is not a time to be scared although the sentiment is understandable. It is time we all come together to ensure such an event never occurs again.

  3. Please do explain how assault against women is different from assault against men? How is this different than the attempted murder of a buy at KC last year? Why do you as a girl feel weakened by this?

    It is simply a crime done by criminals against non criminals. Why do you bring being female into it?

    • You seem to be talking bull man – violence against men by men is not acceptable – but cruel violation of a woman’s modesty – that too by three sick criminals who have no sense of shame is a violation of human dignity beyond imagination – dont you know the difference-???

      • Am I the one talking bull, or are you. There are 4 possible combinations of violence M on M, M on F, F on M and F on F (barring edge cases). What makes M on F so special? How is rape different from stabbing? How is it different if a penis goes into the vagina than if a knife goes into the throat?

  4. Dear Anonymous , The Manipalite … 🙂 As a localite to manipal , I want to tell u that a strict and merciless action is being taken on those 3 culprits n all the auto drivers are so freaked out by the investigations that anyone will not dare repeating such a crime again in manipal .. n university is seeming to learn form ths incident … so don’t be afraid .. enjoy ur stay in manipal … it’s the same city as 4 days ago .. Nothing’s changed 🙂

  5. Dear Young woman., Your fears are justified……………let all would be rapists beware – next time even a small act of teasing must bring out blood – ask all the girls in the campus to carry with them pepper sprays and small kitchen knives………..the smallest affront to female dignitycalls for a chopping off of the accused nose or ears or whatever…………..let it go down in history that if ever a man violates or attempts to vilate the dignity of any woman – old or young he will pay for it with pain and blood letting………………. women of manipal go ahead and learn kick boxing as well – use your high heels to kick him in the crotch – you will then see him scream in pain and that will restore the glory of a courageous woman………………………

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