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There are two subjects that are always a constant – change and learning. Most of the things what we learn inside the four walls might stay there itself. Practically never implemented. Or we don’t end up getting a chance to make use of the knowledge that was acquired. Does that mean that we stop acquiring knowledge?!

Welcome to Virtually There (VT), version fourteen, an argument on life skill sets…

Imagine your heart said you to become a craftsman, but your family to become an engineer. You bury your dream in the 1st semester and start moving on in your life. You start believing in the biggest lie – that you are born to become what you are not supposed to be!

You would graduate and start working. Higher the number of hours you work in office, greater are the times that you get haunted by your buried dream. Things that are buried always haunt, right!

Skills Maketh a Man
Make an inventory of all your skills including strengths & weaknesses.

But then I won’t say that those four years were a waste of time. Those were essential. In harnessing your hidden talent, in teaching you what life is, making you know what you are not supposed to be, on how it feels to bury the dream and most importantly, to rediscover what your heart says!

Time does fly. Every wound heals. Makes one forget every pain. Teaches to be joyous. Deep inside, your dream would still reckon. Now, you feel, if not now, then never again. The decision that you are going to make would turnaround your tale. From riches to rags! From AC offices to one room compartment. From costly dinners to home cooked khichdi. Following your dream is Priceless, isn’t it!

In this juncture, you have to make a choice. Should I go for an MBA to become a successful craftsman or should I accept the life as my teacher. Both have its own set of risks involved and learning would be constant!

It’s simple- would you want to picture a man learning to climb a leaning ladder, falling many times in between and finally reaching the top. Or would you want to climb the ladder yourself, make mistakes, fall often and finally with all heart and energy, reach the zenith!

Learn the constant. Gather skill sets. Cheers!


  1. JD.. Super awesome man..
    Always enjoy reading your articles on Manipal Blog..
    After u started writing I have stopped reading Pranita’s articles.. 😛

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