Latest Edition for the PMP Exam: PMBOK® 6 Guide

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Did you know that the updated version of the PMP exam for PMBOK 6 is released on March 26, 2018?

There is no doubt that a new version of PMP or Project Management Professional is reliable on the PMBOK 6 (or sixth edition of Project Management Body of Knowledge). Most importantly, there is no concurrence between the old version and the new version of the exam. It was issued that no candidate would attempt the PMP exam relied on the fifth edition after March 2018. So, those looking for the latest version of the PMBOK® Guide should enroll for its sixth edition based PMP exam.Man Working On Laptop

This article displays changes made in the sixth edition of PMBOK and preparation ways for the exams. Therefore, firstly know what PMP exam is.

An Overview of the PMP Certification Exam

One of the most prestigious and recognized examination for project managers across the globe is PMP. The Project management Institute conducts the PMP exam with inclusive, every time. This exam is crucial for all professionals, both by experience and knowledge. For the practical help, PMI also releases a guide for the preparation called A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge or PMBOK Guide. After every 4-5 years, the PMBOK is upgraded to revise the outline of the exam content.

PMP defines the gold standard for project management certification and makes it a well-esteemed credential for higher executive levels and project managers. PMP aspirants spend long hours on the exam preparation every year. Of these aspirants, there are full-time working project managers as high-level executives. Well, candidates need to fulfill the qualification criteria to attend the PMP exam.

PMBOK 6: PMP New and Original Version

Released on September 6, 2017, PMBOK 6 is the latest version in the market. It contains the entire syllabus for the PMP certification examination and only registered users on the PMI website can access it. Moreover, the PMI users should have a licensed copy of PMBOK to prepare, schedule, and appear for the exam through the site. Initially launched in 1996, PMBOK new editions got released in 2000, 2004, 2008, 2013, and 2017.

Changes in the PMBOK 6

PMI has made certain changes in the PMBOK 6 with specific revisions and ensured that consistent use of terminology and integrates groups, techniques, processes, and tools between the guide and the exam. Well, there is no upgrading in the PMP exam outline regardless of the changes in the PMBOK 6. PMI has also ensured active practitioners across the world that PMP remains relevant and reflects current practice.

It has made PMI institute to update and revise the PMBOK guide after the release of a new edition to stay with the changing trends and further improvements in the project management field. With this, PMP candidates who are planning to give their exam in 2019 should go through the edition of PMBOK 6 and prepare for the exam.

Remarks in the PMBOK 6

The changes in the PMBOK 6 demonstrate that material is extensively different, not dramatically. It means that there are no changes in the base of project management. In PMBOK 6, the practitioners have emphasized providing the classification on the tools and techniques supporting project efforts.

All the content covered in the PMBOK 6 guide is not revolutionary but is evolutionary. According to the Project Management Institute, there are major changes created on the PMBOK 6 that would be applicable for upcoming PMP exams. Have a look at these updates-

The Additional Lessons on Project Manager Role

  • Emphasize on efficient leadership such as important skills, experience, and competencies

Two knowledge areas renamed that reflects non-manageable areas-

  • Human Resource Management renamed as Resource Management
  • Time Management is renamed to Schedule Management

Four additional sections in each knowledge area-

  • Tailoring considerations
  • Key concepts
  • Considerations for Adaptive/Agile environment
  • Emerging and trends practices

A few existing terms have been replaced with the new terms

PMP Exam and Your Preparation Plan

Certain changes are made in the PMBOK 6 over PMBOK 5, PMP candidates may find the old preparation material for the exam, but they need to stay updated. Go with online training courses where the PMP syllabus is upgraded by crosschecking their chapters with PMI study material. PMBOK 5 was only applicable till March 25 March 2018. After this, PMBOK 6 was applied for all examinations.

You can download the latest edition by registering yourself at PMI. For exam preparation, candidates giving 50-200 hours of effort with the needed 35 hours of PMP hours of project management qualification, they need to attend 200 questions in the time limit of 4 hours. The comfort level and the confidence of a candidate should be high to get accomplished.

Set a preparation plan by following some mental retention methods and study processes. Practice sample papers daily and look for the ideal learning process that will help you pass your examination.

FAQs on the Latest Edition- PMBOK 6

  • What is the release date of the PMBOK guide? When does the exam get aligned to PMBOK 6?

Answer: PMBOK 6 was released on September 6, 2017. It has been aligned to the PMP exam from March 26, 2018, onwards.

  • In how many languages is the PMBOK 6 released?

Answer: Released with 11 languages, PMBOK 6 is available in English, Korean, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, German, Chinese, Brazilian, Portuguese, Hindi, and Spanish.

  • Where to Get the PMBOK 6th Edition?

Answer: PMBOK 6 is readily available at the PMI store online. Considering that you are a registered user of the PMI website, you are applicable for easy downloading of a free copy of the sixth edition of PMBOK in PDF format.Pens And Paper

Therefore, PMBOK 6 is your great preparation source for your upcoming PMP exam. While you look for any PMP online courses, make sure that they are providing the training as per the latest edition. It would be beneficial for you as you don’t need to go through any other version for any reference.

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