Last Minute Vacations

When it comes to planning a getaway, few people think that they want to end up planning last minute vacations. To make sure they get all of the accommodations that they want, they generally end up trying to plan things very well in advance, instead of waiting until it’s nearly time to leave. The fact is, though, that there are some distinct advantages that last minute vacations have over vacations that are planned far in advance.

For starters, it’s often easy to find last minute vacation deals that simply aren’t available with vacations that are planned ahead. A lot of all-inclusive vacations are put together as packages, and these packages are often valid for a certain length of time. When these deals are ready to expire, it’s easy to find them discounted at the last minute. Last minute travel bargains are also easy to find on things like cruise ships or tour groups. In situations like these, the cruise or tour is going to go on no matter how many people are on it, so directors often end up offering any remaining seats at a steep discount if the alternative is going to be a bunch of empty spots.

If travelers are willing to be flexible as far as their discount accommodations go, they can even find last minute vacation deals on places to stay. This might mean going to a bed and breakfast or inn instead of a hotel, and staying outside of the city instead of right in the middle of town, but that’s the price of choosing last minute vacations.

Sometimes, it even happens that someone books a vacation in advance, puts down their non-refundable deposit, and is later finds out that they are unable to go. In these cases, they might try to sell off their vacations to last minute travelers, hoping to recoup some of their expenses. Sites like offer whole selections of steeply discounted vacations to many different area, which can make planning last minute vacations even easier.

That said, there are some disadvantages to planning last minute vacations that every traveler should know about, too. Like the old adage “beggars can’t be choosers” says, people hoping for last minute vacation deals can’t afford to be picky. They might end up with flights that don’t leave right when they want them to, and have a stopover or two. They might not get to stay in the hotel of their choice. The advantage that planning a vacation well in advance has over planning a vacation at the last minute is flexibility. At the last minute, many flights and accommodations are booked, and last minute vacation planners are left to choose from what’s available. For travelers who are willing and able to overlook this, last minute vacation deals can be a great, inexpensive way to go on vacation. However, for those who have their hearts set on doing things a certain way, planning ahead might be worth it to give them the best possible selection.

Some people prefer to plan ahead to make sure that they get the departure time, accommodations, and other specific details that they want, at the cost of not having the kind of discounts that last minute vacations can come with. For everyone else, these last minute trips can be just as nice as a pre-planned vacation, but often come with a much lower price tag. With a little flexibility and willingness to compromise, anyone can find a great vacation at a low price, without the aggravation that comes with obsessively planning ahead.

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