KMC Doctors Discover Rare Blood Group Phenotype

Manipal Academy of Higher Education(MAHE), Manipal has recently been conferred the title of ‘Institute of Eminence’. A team super specialist surgeons and doctors of Kasturba Medical College have succeeded in identifying the rare blood group ‘P null’ for the very first time in India on July 26, 2018, underlining the tag!

A team of doctors including medical assistants and phlebotomist, led by Dr. Shamee Shastry from the blood bank of Kasturba Medical College, Manipal identified a rare blood group called ‘pp’ or ‘P null’ phenotype. ABO and Rh D are the commonly typed blood group systems. However there are more than 200 minor blood group antigens known besides A, B and Rh. A blood type is rare if fewer than 1 in 1,000 people have it.

The Blood Bank at Kasturba Hospital received samples from a patient who was admitted in trauma and suffered from a femoral fracture.  He required urgent blood transfusion owing to excessive blood loss from multiple open wounds on his body. The doctors were unable to find a compatible blood unit even after cross-matching with more than 80 units. Extensive immunohematology workup was performed by the blood bank team and they accurately identified the rare blood group, but for further confirmation, samples sent to the International Blood group Reference Laboratory (IBGRL), Bristol, UK (A unit of WHO) for serological testing. With the help of reference laboratory the findings done by the team of Dr. Shamee was confirmed that the patient’s cells had the rare ‘pp’ phenotype. The crew members’ achievement also lies on performing the entire process in a brief span of time.

Credits to be also bestowed upon Dr Kiran Acharya, Professor and HOD of Orthopedics’ and his team who conducted the complex ‘blood less’ surgery with immense efficiency. Blood transfusions during surgeries are of little significance these days since blood substitutes, the hormone erythropoietin and other hematinics are used with high success rate.

In order to combat such exceptional emergency cases in future the faculty of MAHE has started a rare blood donor registration which will make sure blood donation from people especially the ones with rare blood groups like O negative and B negative. Blood donors are issued with honorary Medicare card by the institution which includes non-chargeable health checkups, consultations and investigations. Dr. Poornima Baliga, the pro-vice chancellor of faculty of health sciences, MAHE has been a pillar of support for the great cause. On interviewing, Dr. Kiran has been particular about the mentioning of every individual’s blood group on their ID cards to initiate quick response during emergencies. MAHE has been distinguished for having over 100 blood donors each of whom donates blood over 25 times every year.

We can never thank our doctors enough and our hearts swell with pride for them. HAIL MAHE !

Written By: Mehuli Kar, Abhishek Chauhan | Staff Bloggers

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