Jumping frogs of Manipal

Alien frog – In attack mode/ escape mode

There are so may reasons to be scared in life but not these frogs which has landed up from nowhere to my house. This scares me not merely by its appearance but by giving its surprising appearances in front of me. It all started after the last rainy season and as we are yet through summer but they are still persistent. Now I have developed a new skill, similar to karate or judo you can say, to get rid of the jumping frog. Some say they bite and can induce a allergic reactions like blister. Some say that they urinate as a self defense, which I too have noticed. If anybody has good strategies to get rid of them please let me know.

Frog between the white and black

Who says frogs are going to extinct, certainly not here. We have stopped doing animal experiments using frog because of serious questions raised by animal activists. But the frog we use for experiments are large and docile. But these jumping frogs are active, always in attacking position as if are on war, their alien eyes,  slimy body and what not. One day I entered the kitchen, I could see a frog hidden in bunkers i.e. my tea cups. The house where I live I think it belongs to these frogs as good as it  belongs to me. The war is on.
Still image of frog in attack mode
Frog says “get out of here”

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  1. article about these interesting little creatures (which are damn harmless. They do not urinate, but have secretions which are also harmless but are a result of, well, being scared as well as generally their territorial markings).We used to have one in our room in the 9th block (which I never told my roommate about :P) which followed the same routine each day at 8PM of jumping out from behind my cupboard and hopping across. I did not know when it came back, but it always went out that way.You can stop them from infiltrating your house however by:1. Keeping things dry, which I know is hard.2. Maintaining another environment wet enough to accommodate their summertime needs.Or eradicate them; which, simply put, will be a horrid thing to do. I wish I had one of these in my 9th floor room now – but I don't, and I envy you 😉

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