Jobs for Students: Top Websites to Find Part Time Work

Jobs for students

There are many students looking for part-time work due to the high cost of tuition as well as funding their own social activities. It does become a bit tricky to find a good part-time job that works with your school hours. By merely searching for jobs on the popular portals may have you realize that most of the positions are for full-time employment.

There are, however, websites such as that are specifically designed to advertise part-time positions and are a great find for students. It should be easy enough to find a job, between looking for APA style samples and studying for an upcoming test.

Hopefully, you will have a positive experience job hunting on the following websites.

This website posts thousands of jobs and is a great source for students looking for a summer or seasonal job. When it comes to holidays and summer vacations, students like to make a little extra cash and this website is the perfect one if that is you. There is a cool feature on this site, which allows you to search for jobs per employer. This way, you can decide to only work for a certain company during the summer months or decide to take a chance on another.

If you are looking for a powerhouse website that has too many jobs listed to count, then this might be the platform you need. This website is more than just a job portal. You can read blog posts on how to find a job that is just right for you and then go ahead and apply those tips in your own search. With many built-in filters, you can be sure that you find the perfect positions to apply for. This is definitely one of my favorite portals, because it is easy to use and generates great results.

With many job search engines, you will find full-time and part-time employment opportunities. What I like about this website is that they post jobs that are paid per hour. This does steer more towards the idea of part-time jobs or at least flexible jobs. You could work around your school hours and not have it interfere with your schoolwork. You can find that example APA document and do your job afterwords. I would think that most of the hourly paid jobs are virtual positions, which gives a student even more flexibility.

Sometimes your time is not always planned out and you never know what to expect from your day. This website is specifically for students looking for employment. Most of the jobs are freelance-based and are done virtually, which is a perfect fit for any student. Most of us have access to the internet and can use our computers to complete the tasks prescribed. This is truly a gem for students.


There are so many reasons why students should find part-time employment. You never know where you will end up one day and could go as far as choosing a part-time job that fits right in with the program you are doing. If you are doing a tourism program, for example, you can try and align your job search with the same industry. You might be lucky and walk into full-time employment straight after school with the gained experience.

Everyone has their own reasons for finding employment while studying. No matter what your reasons are, with these websites you can find that perfect part-time job that works around your school hours. You can spend the extra cash on whatever you like, which is what every student wants. Good luck on the job search journey and may you find the perfect fit soon.

Written by: Linda Jellison works as a content manager. Her hobby is traveling, reading and guest post writing. She was a top student and now she shares her experience with other students. Linda dreams of publishing her own book and running her own blog.

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