Is My Addiction Bad Enough For Rehab?

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It can be difficult for anyone who is dependent on drugs and/or alcohol to be legitimately objective about their problem. However, if what you are doing is having a negative impact on your life as a whole, then you might want to seriously consider the fact that you have an addiction to the substance(s) that you are using. Simply by accepting this fact you have begun your journey to overcoming it and recovering. Once you have come to this realization, it is time then to decide on how you are going to sort your life out and get sober once and for all.

Level of Addiction

You are probably severely addicted if your use of a particular substance(s) is having a problematic effect on your wellbeing and relationships with others. With addiction being diagnosed based across a wide spectrum, it is easy to determine the level of addiction that you have – ranging from mild to moderate to severe. The criteria that this is based on are below.

  • Withdrawal
  • Loss of interest
  • Cravings
  • Lack of responsibility
  • Trying to get the substance(s)
  • Unable to quit
  • Relationship problems
  • Dangerous use
  • Tolerance
  • Situations worsening

Depending on how many of the above criteria that you meet, the worse that your addiction is. For instance, if only one or two of the criteria are relevant to your own personal situation, then you only have a mild addiction. However, if you meet the vast majority of them, then it is likely that you have a serious problem that you need to address.

Going to Rehab

For those individuals with a severe level of addiction based on the addiction spectrum, then getting treatment in order to get sober is something that they really need to do. If they are to successfully overcome their addiction to a particular substance(s), then they not only need to remove their physical dependency on it but need to also look at the behavioral issues behind it.

The process of going ‘cold turkey’ will not fix the psychological side of their addiction. It is for this reason that the process of recovery from having an addiction needs to include changing thought processes, feelings, and even behaviors. These things cannot be done without the help of a qualified professional.

In order to rid yourself of a physical dependency on the substance(s) that you are addicted to, you need to completely rid them from your system by performing a full-body detox. Doing this is much safer when performed within a medical setting, rather than done yourself at home. This is because professionals will be on hand to help you with any of the symptoms of withdrawal that you may experience.

This is why it is so important to go to a rehabilitation center in Delaware. There you can get all of the specialist help that you require so that you kick the habit for good and that there are no relapses. However, this can be an expensive thing to do, leaving some people wondering how to pay for rehab in the first place.

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