Is it Time to Remove PPTs from Education?

Over the years, the education system has undergone a lot of changes around the world. But one thing which remained common was the use of PowerPoints in the classroom.

Do you think that it is the best way to teach students? That a few contents on the PowerPoint will help in shaping the future of the upcoming future? Many of you will agree to the point and many won’t, the primary reason being that PowerPoints are easy to read through and study.

But is that the right way to study? By the end of this article, one shall find it out.

Though it is effortless to read from a PowerPoint, what about the basic knowledge that is required to make the base of the student’s knowledge stronger. Right now, with the increasing use of PowerPoint, the use of books, review articles, homework has just nearly disappeared. And to anyone who thinks that it is entirely okay, then let me tell you, you are very wrong, my fellow man. What makes anyone think that a reduction in the use of books is going to help the students become a better intellectual person.

One must always remember, there is no easy way out through things. When the effort reduces, the output reduces even more. And this is pretty evident in the generation today.

Some people follow books, but let me tell you the use of PowerPoint presentations has spread like a virus among the students, which is just going to lead to a dark path.

The ways PowerPoint affect students of this generation

Speaking about the effects, according to research done, the students felt that the PowerPoint has better transparencies. But one more thing that has to be noted is that, though the transparency increased, the grades didn’t, rather a fall was seen.

Complex thinking is not promoted when PowerPoint is used for teaching. Each slide has less than 50-70 words, and how is it expected to teach something as complex as the structure of the human genome structure. The same PowerPoint, when given to the students, becomes a blockage in the whole studying process. The student feels that they know everything as they see the slide contents well, but the truth is entirely different.

Not all teachers are good at making slides, and thus, there are always chances that the information given is not enough. You cannot let students study an entire subject by studying a few “sets of slides.” Be it whatever subject, every subject has vast content and enough to study.

They are also one of the primary reasons why student prefers not attending classes. Most students today prefer studying from the PowerPoint in their pajamas rather than visiting the class.

What makes PowerPoint so popular?

Don’t you think a virus spreads faster and affects people? And that is what PowerPoint is, they are a virus that had been spread many years ago and are changing the students in a very harmful way.

Why are we making learning easy for students in a way that is going to spoil the whole of the education sector? Have you ever thought why there are so many people who have such reputed degrees still unemployed? Learning is a process, there are no shortcuts to it, and no one should ever try making any shortcuts. How are the universities trying to measure learning by the use of PowerPoints? Learning is the whole process of understanding, thinking, and applying.

All I can say is then expecting the best when it comes to applying while you create shortcuts for the other is something foolish.

What universities are doing today is that they measure the learning in the form of exams and assignments. But do they really think that that copy-pasting the contents of slide into a paper is going to make their students ready for the future?

To conclude, all I can say is, the education system needs to change their way of measuring learning. The students today are the future of tomorrow. And if the universities are going to continue measure learning the way they do today, then they are going to just go deeper in the downward spiral of lower grades, expectations, and much less hard work and learning. It is high time that universities change their measuring priorities.

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