Is hacking a worthy career?

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Ethical hacking is largely considered a career worth undertaking by younger generations. There is no denying the fact that cybersecurity is a highly important job in the digital world that we have loved to inhabit in this data-driven 21st century. Ethical hacking, being a part of cybersecurity, is a major part of protecting our data and other assets. It deals with ethically hacking into organizations with their legal permission in order to find and fix potential security vulnerabilities. Becoming a cybersecurity expert or an ethical hacker is not an easy task but it is not rocket science either. Needless to say that a career in cybersecurity has multiple benefits that lure many students and professionals to either choose or switch their careers in this direction in a large number. This piece is dedicated to bringing out the pros of hacking as a career for anyone who is interested to give this field a fair shot.

Choose ethical hacking if you love job security

Once you undergo an ethical hacking course and become a certified ethical hacker, you will open your life up to many opportunities that were not in your reach earlier. These career opportunities are related to benefits that go beyond just a handsome salary. During the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, everyone has become super aware of the key role that job security plays in our lives. While many professionals ran out of a job and had to live hand-to-mouth or dig into their life savings to sustain themselves, those who work in digital fields had no challenges in their growth or survival. Cyber-attacks have actually increased significantly in number during the pandemic, thus making cybersecurity professionals and experts, more vital than ever. Hence, anyone who loves job security should definitely choose cybersecurity as their career, all other things being equal.

Choose ethical hacking if you get bored easily

Boredom is an understated problem in many people’s professional lives. If you are someone who gets bored easily on their jobs and is always craving something that challenges them or helps break their monotony at work, then this field is for you. An astoundingly large number of professionals have admitted that one of their main reasons behind quitting their jobs was boredom and monotony. In ethical hacking, things are quite opposite. The nature of this field is such that you have to deal with different clients on a regular basis. Not just that, but you will also have to up your game every day to keep up with the changing technological waves. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t like hacking someone and getting paid for it?

Choose ethical hacking if you like to keep exploring

No one likes being stuck in a dead-end job. Whether it is your desire to roam the world or to connect with more people or even to work in various industries, this field can guarantee you all the benefits. Almost every industry in the world needs a digital army to secure its data and digital operations. Cybersecurity engineers and ethical hackers are employed in large numbers everywhere all over the world. The certifications provided by international bodies like EC-Council are valid in almost every country to get you a job. You can imagine the popularity of these certifications among students from the fact that CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) has become one of the most coveted and highly demanded courses right now.

In conclusion, it can be said that ethical hacking as a career is worthy of its name. If you are choosing this line of profession, then you are, indeed, making the right choice for your present as well as future.

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