Is Affordable College an Oxymoron?

Do You Think You Cannot Afford College?

Many high school students are good students but believe that college is just beyond their needs. It is true that college costs have been rising twice as fast as inflation, and nobody thinks that a degree is cheap. However, we find that determined students, and their families, find ways to pay for tuition, fees, books, and living expenses.

Cheaper College Alternatives

Many students are choosing to begin their studies at a local community college so they can live at home, work at a part time job, and hold down tuition costs. It really doesn’t matter where you begin your degree to most employers and graduate schools, but only where you graduate from. So it would hardly hurt a student to finish their core classes at home.

Other students even finish some college credit before they leave high school. They take advanced placement courses in high school, and then take approved advanced placement tests which most colleges will accept for credit. Now, this plan isn’t right for everbody, but if you, or your child, can handle the extra load, you can save a lot of money by earning college credit through high school! Many students already have a semester or more of college credit by the time they pick up their high school diploma!

Financial Aid

Financial aid comes in many forms — college grants and scholarships, which you don’t have to repay, and loans, which you do have to repay. There is need-based aid for students who come from lower income families, and merit-based aid for students who excel in athletics, drama, debate, instrumental music, community service, and many other areas. Sometimes financial aid is awarded for students who come from certain geographic areas and other novel reasons. Be sure and explore all of you alternatives before you just decide you cannot afford to go to college!

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