I close my tired and weary eyes

Say to harsh and grim reality bye

Open them slowly and softly again and

I am in my happy fantasy land

It is made of bitter sweet memories

And of beautiful and heart-warming stories

I sit in the shade of a grand old oak

This is my past and I can be lazy

One place I don’t feel mad and crazy

One place I don’t need to fit in

One place where I don’t feel I sin

I have peace here, non-judgmental

Happiness here, pure and elemental

As the squirrels play and chitter

I get lost in their tiny squeaky chatter

I realize that nothing can hurt me here

Here only imagination is held dear

There is no goal to blindly  chase

No hundred tortured souls in a race

It is just nature beautiful in its plainness

It is soothing calm gentle greenness

There is soft and mossy rock

Against which my head does lock

There is sunlight, warm through the leaves

In the distance there are of hay sheaves

The sky was azure, now turning dusky violet

And the sun and the moon briefly met

Said their loving farewells and moved on

And all the animals go to sleep till dawn

I slowly get up and walk to the stream

It is time to face life outside this dream

Swirl my hand in the waters and say bye

Sadly then I open my tired and weary eyes

Here is work, and here are problems

It is time to finally find the solutions

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