Immediate tips on how to control dust mites in the house!

Those who have a house dust allergy know the annoying cold symptoms that limit the quality of life: the symptoms range from a runny nose, sneezing, itchy and watery eyes to respiratory distress and skin irritation – caused by an allergic reaction to the feces of the house dust mite. Especially in the cold seasons, the symptoms of house dust allergy are strongest, as the mites die by the dry and hot air heating. In particular, many allergens are released by the decomposing mites.

You have a house dust allergy and now you want to do something about it, fight it? Then Carpet Cleaning by A to Z is the way to go!

Below is a checklist on how to make your home fit for house dust allergy sufferers in easy steps & fight your allergy:

Wipe all surfaces damp

If everything was vacuumed properly, you should wipe all surfaces thoroughly! lift all the items and even swipe underneath, instead of simply elegantly wipe around it. Before the wet wipe, go roughly with a duster on the surfaces. It would be best if you also wipe the items in the room, as it also likes to dust deposits

Remove the dust collector

In the case of allergy sufferers, dust catchers can trigger cold-like symptoms. These include, for example, carpets, indoor plants, cuddly toys (especially in house dust allergies in children!) And actually all sorts of decoration. If possible, everything that does not need to be removed, at least in the bedroom, to reduce the house dust. Children’s cuddly toys can also be placed in the freezer regularly for 24 hours to kill the mites.

Sheets in the freezer

Please, what? Oh yeah! Mites can not survive the cold in the freezer and die if you put your sheets in the freezer for 24 hours. Of course, if your freezer is not big enough, you can also have your bed linen washed in the washing machine (because mites eventually die off).

Wash duvet covers hot

The mites feel particularly comfortable in bed. That’s why you should first peel off your duvet covers and wash in a boil wash to kill the mites and remove the mite droppings. Mites cannot survive too hot or cold temperatures.


Sounds banal, but does really well! Simply rip open the windows in your apartment/house and let the fresh air flow through the rooms. Fresh air immediately relieves the cold symptoms or the symptoms of a house dust allergy and lets you breathe properly.

Neat vacuuming

If you have taken off your bed, washed everything properly, and ventilated, you should once suck all the rooms properly (yes, also the corners and the baseboard)! This removes a fair amount of dust and thus many Allergens that are bound in the dust.

The right allergy vacuum cleaner

Allergy sufferers need special allergy vacuum cleaners to make the difference! Actually, it is recommended that house dust allergy sufferers do not vacuum themselves, but you still have to do it from time to time. But vacuuming is pretty good with the right allergy vacuum cleaner from Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Houston. These special hypoallergenic vacuum cleaners feature fine dust filters or Hepa filters, which suck in even the smallest dust particles and do not immediately throw them back through the bag into the air.

Encasings and allergy bedding

The right Encasing is I think an absolute MUST for every allergic person. Since the mites are particularly abundant in beds (due to increased humidity and heat), you should invest in a good encasing. The Encasing is an allergic reference that pulls you under the normal pillow and blanket cover. Also important is an encasing for the mattress, as most mites are sitting here. The allergens contained in the dust mite cannot pass through the Encasing, so you no longer literally inhale the Mittenkot at night and thus wakes up more relaxed.

Air purifier for allergy sufferers

Just like an allergic vacuum cleaner, a special air purifier for allergy sufferers has various filter functions that can filter out pollen, intoxication, house dust, viruses, etc., depending on the device, from the air. These filter systems of air purifiers can remove up to 99.99% of all allergens in the air. Check out here the best market air purifier for smoke and dust.


Some of the best dehumidifiers or room dehumidifiers are particularly suitable for this purpose.Dust mites feel particularly comfortable with room humidity of 70% to 75%. Therefore, a reduction of air humidity in rooms especially for allergy sufferers is very advisable.

About the Author: This is Neil Wilson. I Have 10 years of experience in the healthcare field and managed a home health care company for a few years and learned more, I enjoy sharing my experience & knowledge to inspire you on my blog

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