How to write articles fast?

With the internet business blooming off late, more and more people get into the business and various job opportunities available online. There are so many affiliate programs and various ways one can earn money. The most popular and in boom at this time is the content writing job. Often people ask and want to know the best and fastest way to use for writing articles relevantly and error free. I am sure there are many people who want to know the way to go about this. So let me share some of my experience about writing articles and content for web.
One of the most important and key factor to be kept in mind about article writing is the knowledge. There are two ways one can opt for while writing articles either use your knowledge or use research as a resource. However as said earlier definitely the knowledge is the better and faster way of writing articles. Lets say for an example that you have an interest and follow soccer closely and have zilch knowledge about computers and the applications used in this fast paced environment. Put this simple logic and examine yourself and you will realize that you can write double the pace and fast than what you can write for computer applications and the simple reason behind this is that while writing soccer related articles your knowledge helps you write faster whereas when it comes to the latter on you waste your time doing research.
Article writing can prove to be time consuming and stressful initially but one can get acquainted to it if kept practicing. With time you will also see the difference in the speed of writing, it is already beneficial you can do multi work that is one who has good typing speed as well as runs the thought process at same pace. This helps particularly if you have knowledge about the topic you are writing on.
Talking about the articles which need lot of research to be done before you type anything is usually time consuming initially. However once you practice, gradually you will learn the tricks of getting information faster and at the right place. Let’s say you are writing articles on video games, the first time you need to do a bit of research, search for various details however once you have already written on this topic, you have a fair idea of what it is all about and whenever in future if you get a similar topic you can use your knowledge as well as a bit of new research which might be needed. However it makes things a little simpler. This way one gets to learn a lot about things belonging to various niches.
It is also advisable to follow a set pattern like if it is 500 words article, you can divide the words depending on the importance of the topic into various headlines like introduction, causes and symptoms, methods and ways to solve the problem and why solving the problem is essential. One can also finds various ways of writing articles and a guide for same online.

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