How to Tell if Home Decor is Worth It

Home Decor
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Home decor is up to taste more than anything else.  Unfortunately for most of us, this taste is something we haven’t had much time to develop, and it can leave us lost in a sea of confusion.  Which items do I keep?  How can I tell if it suits my aesthetic?  Instead of spending your entire design plan questioning what design means to you: here are the top ways to know if the home decor is even worth it.

Does It Make You Happy?

Sometimes the most simple rule of home decor and design can be following the Marie Kondo method.  When deciding if your oversized lamp is going to fit into any of the Calgary homes for sale that you’ve looked at, consider if you even really want the light.  Does it cheer you up to see this piece in your home?  If so, how could you build a space to show it off?

Is It Functional?

If you’re cramped in a small space and don’t have much wiggle room for decor, a large part of how you decorate can be in finding items that you can work with.  This could mean making a large pinboard to hold up everything from your bicycle to your mixing bowls, or it could mean buying a cute table and chair set that folds up onto the wall when it’s not in use.  Of course, not everything you own needs to have a functional purpose, but if you’re unsure about an item, its functionality can be the deciding factor.

Is This Home Decor Truly For You?

Sometimes we purchase items because of how we assume they’ll make other people feel about us or the space we live in.  If there’s an elaborate piece of furniture or a fluffy rug that’s exciting for the aesthetic, think about if that piece is something you want to use and enjoy or if it’s something you think other people will like.  We all put a surprising amount of effort into aesthetic ideals we think other people expect from us, don’t buy or DIY something you don’t want just because it’s trendy.

Can You Get It Cheaper?

Take the time to shop around, and consider if you can find this item cheaper on another site or location. Although you may be unable to find the exact item for more affordable, keep your mind open to replicas or similar items that go for far less money.  There’s nothing wrong with getting things you love, as long as you’re sure that it fits into your budget.

Can You Make It Cheaper?

As important as it is to consider if you could purchase an item for cheaper elsewhere, it’s also essential to think about making the item more affordable.  Is the thing you’re interested in a large canvas blotchy painting?  Why not spend a few weekends learning the basics of painting and form, and recreate it for yourself?  Although it would be bad taste to resell it or try to pass it off as the original piece, using it as a study and creating your own is perfectly acceptable.

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