An Early Christmas at TAPMI – A Brief Respite

Date: 16th Dec 2012
Venue: TAPMI Cafeteria
Event: Christmas Carols and Special Dinner

Sometimes certain cards force your hand. End Semester Examinations and Term Break.
A special evening, lots of enthusiasm.
And all the students actively participating!! Christmas Carols and popular songs.
TAPMI heralds Christmas early this year!!

Christmas is a special time, even if you don’t celebrate the holiday yourself.Just seeing the good humor and joy in the way most people conduct themselves this time of year is a treat and a blessing to all of us. This Christmas, you and your loved ones, no matter where you are have my special wishes for a joyous and blessed Christmas. And for those of you who can’t be with your loved ones this Christmas (and I know that applies to a number of my readers)may the day come soon when you return to your loved ones safe and sound.

Christmas Celebrations at TAPMI

Joining in on the Christmas Spirit

Christmas Hangings
Christmas Decor
Bokeh - Silhoutte
A Star in the Sky
A christmas Tree in Sunny Manipal

Christmas Decorations
All the Boys and All the Girls

A Christmas Carol

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