How to Sleep Your Way to Better Academic Performance

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College students are often willing to try different things to improve their academic performance, but somehow getting enough sleep every night rarely makes it to their priority list. We know that college life can be tough because of academic expectations, and plenty of parties to attend. But another significant challenge is getting enough sleep since even 70% of students get insufficient sleep. So before you treat yourself with another cup of coffee or energy drink, try sleeping more and better with the help of our sleeping tips for college students.

Sleep Problems in College Students

It is widely known that college students have poor sleep habits, and many of them go through those years sleep-deprived. While many consider this a regular thing that will go away once uni years are over, it seems that the awareness about the consequences is low. Short-term side effects can be spotted immediately, lack of concentration, memory impairment, excessive daytime sleepiness, etc. These are a few common consequences which all together have an immediate impact on academic performance. In the long run, lack of sleep will jeopardize your immunity, and it can contribute to severe diseases such as diabetes, obesity, or heart diseases.

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One study even managed to show that the beneficial influence of sleep on academic grades is not just a myth. According to their results, students who slept longer were less anxious than their sleep-deprived colleagues, their mood was better and their grades too. So before you start studying for your finals, make sure to get your sleep schedule sort-out, and follow our recommendations.

Learn How to Sleep

Young people go to college to learn some things, but on that road, they seem to forget how to sleep properly. Sleeping is one subject that most of them are failing. But with the help of our recommendations, you will quickly remember the right way to sleep like a baby.

  • Power naps. If you get tired during the day or lose your concentration, consider taking brief power naps as a part of your routine. You will be more productive, energized, and focused after the rest. A nap should not be longer than 1 hour, and you should not take it during the late afternoon or later, because it can hinder your preferred bedtime.
  • Sleep enough. This is easier said than done, but since we spend one-third of our lives sleeping, it must be essential. For young adults between 18 and 25 years old, the optimal amount of sleep is from 6 to 9 hours.
  • Try squeezing into your packed schedule some time for meditation, and look at it as a form of self-care. College years can be pretty stressful, and all that stress is not suitable for your sleep. Deep breathing will help you balance your mind and calm your thoughts, and it is an ideal way to prepare for bedtime.
  • Additional help. If you live in a dorm, sorority, or a noisy area, you should definitely start using earplugs and an eye mask to isolate yourself and induce sleep. On the contrary, if you prefer a bit of sound to lullaby you, you can try some of the popular white noise machines, or find some calming music on youtube.
  • Reduce screen time. Besides staring at their smartphones all the time, many students work on their laptops, study, or read e-books. So all in all, they spend a lot of time in front of the screen. Limiting screen time can be challenging, but at least avoid it before bedtime or while you are in your bed because you will struggle with falling asleep.

What Did We Learn Today?

Before you become a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher, or anything else that you want, you should learn how to take care of yourself. Nurturing a healthy sleep routine is a meaningful way of self-care, which also teaches you about discipline and responsibility to yourself. Bad grades can be fixed with a bit of effort, but improving impaired health can be much harder.

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