How to open the Casino Pin Up India account – a simple guide for newbies

pin up india casino

To access all the settings and bonuses of the Pin Up casino, gamblers will need to finish the registration and verification. To become a client of this casino, users must be over 18 years old. The whole registration process will take about a few minutes, but you will need to wait up to three banking days to know the results of the verification.

For sure, all the gambles could play their favorite games in the Casino Pin Up India even before the registration and with no deposit, but in DEMO, all the winnings will be virtual. To access the withdrawal options, bonuses, and other essential settings the user will need to finish the registration and make a deposit. All the winnings from the paid mode will be available for withdrawal by any reliable payment method.

How to become a Pin Up casino client – registration and verification tips

To start the registration process, gamblers need to open this casino’s official website and find the “Registration” button. After that, he must push the button and wait until the special form is opened. In this form, it should be added the following information:

  • name and surname of the player;
  • current phone number;
  • the email address;
  • reliable password!

Also, during the registration process gambler will select the main currency of his account in this casino. Due to the current Pin Up rules, settings can’t be changed after the confirmation.

Verification is the next step for the newbie on his way to profitable online gambling. Gamblers must send scanned copies of their passport or ID cards to the casino administration email with a photo of the credit card. The average time for the verification is up to three banking days. After that user will get access not only to the deposit options but to withdrawals as well.

Some important things to say about the Pin Up Casino

Successful gambling is not just finished registration and verification. To become an absolute PRO gambler newbie will need to learn how to use his money to get the best results. That means you need to know the amount of available bankroll before making the first bets in selected games and never change it during gambling. In online gambling, it’s important not to spend more than you have; otherwise, you will get nothing but substantial financial problems.

One more financial recommendation for newbies is to use the bonuses as an additional source of money for gambling. You can get the bonus in a few minutes and use it to make even more winning bets in your favorite slots or try the new strategy with zero risk of losing money.

Also, consider that the Pin Up casino rules forbid having multiple accounts. That’s why don’t try to finish the registration again because such actions will be tracked by the casino administration. And after that, both accounts will be blocked with all the winnings.

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