How to keep your computer safe

Simple ideas on how to keep your computer safe from virus's spyware and hackers.

While on the internet your computer is prone to hacker attacks and virus attacks and not even to mention spyware attacks, I am going to tell you some simple methods to keep your computer safe on the internet.

Firstly you will need a firewall and I don’t mean the one built into windows as to be honest it’s a terrible, although if you can’t get a firewall its better then nothing, just. Now not many people want to pay around £45 every year for a firewall and I’m one of them, so I used google to find a free firewall the best I have ever used is one by zone alarm and it’s totally free every year. I would recommend it to anyone, now have you firewall set to about medium security as this will allow you to use the web and be safe.

Now you will need a virus scanner the best obviously cost money and once again every year you will have to pay for software, not unless you find a free one that’s good, I use AVG free version it’s a very good product and every year its free, every day you will be able to download an update to keep your computer up to date against virus attacks, its perfect. Now at least once a week you should perform a virus scan to make sure your computer is fully clean.

Spyware is a bitch, it hides on your computer and records what you do, it then sends the information back to the creator, this is a huge problem, now there are products you can buy on the market to protect against spy ware, however if your like me you will want free products such as spy ware search and destroy a great free tool, spy ware blaster is a free tool that creates a spy ware firewall on your system and last but not least ad wares free spy ware remover. Perform once again a spyware scan once a week at least.

I hope these simple tips help you keep your computer safe while on the internet.


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