How to Fight Depression?

If teenagers have been feeling depressed for a long time then something has to be done about it because depression does not go on its own.

1. Practice breathing exercises and meditation. Yoga is very helpful for those people who feel depressed and makes you feel energetic; relieves feelings of depression. You could also exercise, dance, and join aerobic classes; do those things which make you active.

2. Healthy food: teens should get the right nutrition especially when they feel depressed. When they are undergoing a phase of depression they do not want to eat at all. Proper nutrition can influence a teen’s mind and energy; even if you don’t feel like eating, eat something light like fruits.

3. Talk to Friends: Talking to your close ones is a great way of relieving yourself of depression. Getting the warmth and affection from your family and friends can help you out of depression. If you do not trust any one enough then pour your heart out into a personal diary. This would make you feel much better.

4. Doing some fun activity: Watch a comedy movie, play with a pet, hang out with a close friend, read books etc. Laughter helps to lighten the mood; therefore find something to laugh about.

5. Finding the positives: Do those things which make you feel good about yourself. When a person is depressed everything seems negative and there is no hope. Try to look out for positives in life. Count your blessings, name them one by one and you would be surprised what the lord has gifted you with. It is important to be patient as depression takes time to heal.

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