How to Encourage Your Kids to Pick Up a Book and Read More

Father with Kids reading book

Raising a reader is something that many parents want to do. However, this may prove to be challenging at times, especially if your kids are easily distracted. Things can get more difficult, especially when kids are living in an age where they are preoccupied with a lot of things on the Internet. While there is nothing bad about exposing them to the web, you will still need to cut their screen time and encourage them to focus on reading.

Yes, it is challenging. But you are not supposed to give up. You are supposed to understand how you can inspire your kids to read, read, and read. The start may be difficult, but once you get to tickle their fancy, you will find an opening where you can inspire them to pick up a book and turn the entire thing into a habit. If you are looking for some ways to make things much easier, you are reading the right article. Here are some of the pointers to keep in mind.

Show that you are a good example

Kids, as observed, learn good things from their parents. They watch their parents, and they try to pick up the habits that they can easily mirror. So if there is one habit that you want them to pick up, that should be reading. Show your kids that you are a voracious reader who reads a lot of things. When they see that you are always holding up a book, they will also be inspired to pick up their book and mimic you.

Give them a graphic novel

You need to realize that kids are visual learners. This means that stunning, colorful images easily draw them. So if you want to get them to read, you may consider giving them a graphic novel instead of books that have just a few blocks of texts on them. Such materials help them visualize more the story, thus giving them the means to appreciate the material. Graphic novels are not just about superheroes. They can be about a whole range of topics. You just have to find an age-appropriate material.

Encourage them to make their own storiesYoung girl on floor with colouring pencil

When your kids read a story, there is a great chance that they will be inspired to make their own. When it comes to this, you should encourage them to pursue their own material and imagination. Inspire them to write their own stories. If you are really serious about it, you can talk to their teacher to help you hone the skill of your child. Some teachers have elementary schools writing prompts.

Make time

If you really want your kids to become avid readers, you need to give them time. Allocate a schedule where your kids should be dropping everything so that they can read. Always read them a bedtime story. Build them a mini-library. You should also cut their screen time to make more room for reading.

These are just some of the things to keep in mind if you want to encourage your kids to read more. Track their progress and always remind them of the benefits of reading.

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