How to Choose the Best Sun Screen?

Sun Screen

Skin cancer is more prevalent than ever. More often than not, this cancer is caused by exposure to UV (Ultra-Violet) light from the sun. The good news is that exposure to UV can be limited with regular use of sun protection. This can be achieved by sunscreen products,though finding the right ones, suited to your skin can be a challenge.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration, USA) has approved the use of 17 sun screen ingredients. They include chemical components and physical substances. Chemical ingredients of sunscreen like Cinnamates and PABA (Para-Aminobenzoic Acid) absorb UV rays and convert sun rays into heat energy while physical substances (Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide) scatter and deflect the rays before they penetrate your skin.


Sunscreen is available in gel, cream and lotion forms. Here are a few tips to help you choose your sunscreen product:

  • Select a good brand

You must exercise utmost care with regard to selecting the best sunscreen for your skin. There are several brands which offer various kinds of lotions and creams. One should choose a reputed brand, especially those approved by the FDA and the European Union.

  • Go for cream

Choose sunscreen cream instead of powders or sprays. The reason is that the latter contain nano-particles which can enter the blood stream and may lead to various complications and health issues. Hence, stick to a sunscreen in a cream base.

  • Consider date of manufacture

The fresher the sunscreen lotion or cream, the better is its efficacy. While stored in store or home shelves, the ingredients of the sunscreen tend to breakdown with time. Hence it is crucial to buy the freshest stock possible. Buy the next product only after exhausting the current product being used, so that you don’t stock up on sunscreen.

  • Good SPF content

Always check the SPF range mentioned in the sunscreen package. Anything above SPF 15 is considered as reasonable protection. For fool-proof protection, go in for sunscreen with SPF 30 and above.

  • Check for ingredients

A crucial factor with regard to sunscreen is the ingredients found in it. In case you are allergic to certain substances, you must check the label. For example, Oxybenzone is a dangerous ingredient which causes allergic reaction and upsets hormonal balance. Also, it is good to go for sunscreens which have natural ingredients and less of chemicals. Look whether there are chemical ingredients with sunscreen for sensitive eyes.

  • Water and sweat resistance

Go in for a sunscreen that is sweat or water resistant, particularly if you are heading to the beach or for swimming. Water resistant sunscreen does not imply water proof but it will give good sun protection while you are inside the water. No matter what the label says, it is good to re-apply sunscreen after every 2 hours.

  • Price does not matter

Many think that higher the price, the better is the sunscreen product. This is far from the truth. Some high-end brands may not offer as much protection as affordable ones. It is a good idea to compare products through online research or reviews and recommendations by friends and family.

  • Skin type matters

Those with dry skin may choose sunscreen creams while normal skin can adopt any kind of sun block. Oily or acne prone skin must choose water or gel based formula.

These are some tips for choosing the right sunscreen. If still in doubt, you can consult your dermatologist for best results or visit WhynotReviews

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