How To Be a Good Wingwoman

Everyone knows that dudes wingman each other — there have even been songs written about the phenomenon. But as women, we don’t seem quite as naturally inclined to take one for the team. It might be because we don’t go out with such single-mindedness as men, or it might be because we would often rather talk to each other than some rando.

But sometimes, a sister needs to get laid, and as her friend, we should be out there helping. So to get the ball rolling on what I see as a significant new trend, here are a few tips on how to successfully wingwoman:

  1. It’s not about you. This is the golden rule of wingwomanning. If you decide to undertake the wingwoman endeavor, it means that you’re acquiescing the hunt to your friend for the evening. Let this rule be your guiding light as you proceed.
  2. Don’t interrupt. I don’t care how dramatic the text is that you got from your booty call — your friend is busy, and you’re there to help.
  3. Don’t change your mind mid-pick up and try to steal the show. This is a major wingwoman faux pas. You decide you don’t like not being the center of attention, or get jealous, or get bored, and start flaunting your cleavage and placing your hand suggestively on your friend’s target’s forearm.
  4. Be patient. Sometimes it takes a little longer than you’d like for her to seal the deal, but let your friend work her magic for as long as is necessary.
  5. Offer some help if needed! If you notice your friend flailing, see if you can’t just jump in and steer the conversation back on track. If you see she is starting to make an ass of herself, though, perhaps it’s time to lead her away from the fool who doesn’t know a good thing when he or she sees it.

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