How Technology Has Changed Education

Have you ever noticed or a just give a second thought about wonders created by technology? Without our knowledge, we are bound to technology in our daily life. Right from tiny things to larger one. Whether it regards education, scientific aspects like science projects, communication nor several works that used to consume time now that can be performed in a blink of an eye.Byjus

Technology has boosted our life in every aspect. Even education is no exception when considering its impact due to technology. No doubt in saying that today’s education has profoundly influenced by technology. It has become an essential access to education. Decades ago necessary things that one would have in their bags before going to college was a pen and a book, no one can see a smartphone and tablets. Yes, things have changed. Let’s have a look on various impacts.

Technology in classroom

With modern tools which comprise of various types of educational apps and more, a complete package of collaboration leads to enhancement. Students can interact, clarify their doubts that any time with teachers and other students as well quickly. It is a pathway for encouragement of learning between a home and a school. Students will have a own vision and will develop an ability to create an own context. Learning can be expanded to other sites namely museum and libraries.

Impact on Teaching

Teaching has witnessed a vast simplification due to the aid of technology.  It can help in areas such as lesson preparation with empathetic support. It can take as a substitute for teachers with busy schedule. The various software would provide students access to interactive learning. Teachers can create multiple assignments, plan interactively and will be able to create rich multimedia lessons. It would prove as an overall growth in reporting and potential grades for school.


Even Though textbooks still exist in a classroom, students today mostly prefer tablets or laptops to help their studies by surfacing through the internet. Unlike before lessons are delivered in a more interactive manner with a latest clear cut display and various software. Probably in a mere future, I think students will not carry bulk books. Eventually there is a rise in e-books and e-readers. All that is just a click away where one can gain access to world of books through online libraries.

Education Apps

There is a broad range of softwares that falls under the shelter of education. It has an ingenious take on traditional learning techniques. It has already proved to be a popular means of tool in today’s education.

Change of Role

There is an evident change in the roles of teacher and a pupil. Nowadays students are more active and engaged in various activities of learning. Students rather relying on the tutor for information entirely. But it necessarily doesn’t mean that one should neglect the information delivered by a tutor.

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