How is the life of an income tax inspector through SSC CGL?

As soon as you take over proceedings in your office as an income tax officer, you would be greatly respected by the general public as well as relatives and even unknown people. Moreover, you would receive recognition from unknown people with whom you have not met in your entire life. This depicts the prestige of this job position among the minds of the people. However, the path to become an income tax inspector also abbreviated as ITI is not an easy task. You have to prepare for examinations of SSC-CGL in such a manner that you can have a crack at it in the first attempt.

The job description and profile of an income tax inspector

It is important to note here in this context that the profile of your designation as an income tax inspector is always dependent on your posting. On the other side, you should also be posted either in the assessment section or non-assessment section. When you are in the assessment department, you would be given the job role to check Income Tax. You would also be associated in checking various kinds of refund claims as well as TDS. On the other hand, in the non-assessment department, you would have to join the raid team when it embarks on a raid. You can also be assigned for recee so that you can gather intelligence related to evasion of taxes or Income Tax related crimes. In this context, it is important to note that in usual circumstances the job profile of an Income Tax Inspector is considered to be safe. However, always ensure that you do not fall into wrong hands which can jeopardize your career.

The aspects of promotion in an ITI job

After passing the SSC-CGL examinations and securing a job in the position of ITI you might be thinking that you cannot grow in current job position. However, you always have the option for appearing in inter-department examinations so that you can have an opportunity for promotion. However, you should always note that the average timed for the next promotion is within 5 to 6 years. You have to first clear the ITI confirmation examination which usually is a set of 4 exams. It is interesting here to mention that this type of exam is conducted under strict vigilance. You would find CCTV cameras everywhere in the examination hall. Moreover, you are also not allowed to take books into the examination center. On the other side, when you clear this exam, you can appear for the ITO examination or the Income Tax Officer Examination that comprises of 3 objective type questions. However, in this exam, you would be allowed to take books inside for only one assessment test. After clearing this examination, you can get 2 increments of 3%. You would be permitted to appear for this examination 10 number of times. After clearing the ITO, you have the option to become the Assistant Commissioner of IT in your respective zone.

The career part of an income tax inspector with SSC-CGL

As an income tax inspector, you would have the bel0w-mentioned career path.

  • Income Tax Officer for a Group B gazette post which you can achieve in 5 to 6 years
  • You can also become the assistant commissioner of Tax in around a decade
  • Joint Commissioner of Income Tax
  • Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax
  • Commissioner of Income Tax
  • Additional Commissioner of Income Tax

In this context, it is important to note that as an income tax inspector, you would always be entitled to following allowances:

  • Certain quantity of fuel depending on the type of vehicle you own
  • DA on total pay and incentives
  • Telephone Bills
  • You can also avail house rent if you are not provided the quarters
  • If you commute to work on a daily basis, you would also be provided with transport allowance

The SSC-CGL income tax inspector stages of assessment usually comprises of two tier written objective examinations. This is followed by a Tier 3 examination. When you successfully pass the examinations, you would be called for final verification of the documents.

The transfer policy in the job role of ITI

It is possible that after 3 years of service in a place you would be transferred to another location. However, it is always dependent on your performance in a particular zone. You may also apply for a transfer in case there are serious family situations within the family. If you perform well in a particular zone, then there are chances that you would not be posted at all.

The above-mentioned clearly highlights the life of an income tax inspector of the SSC-CGL category. It is one of the safest government job profiles that you can apply to build your career.

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