How exactly do you redeem online casino bonuses?

There are, in fact, several different answers to this question, and this will depend on which type of online casino bonus you are trying to redeem. The starting point of redeeming any online casino bonus is to sign up to the casino and become a registered member. Casinos do not just hand out gifts to any old internet surfer.

Registration is usually free and straightforward, and there is also often a rule with most online casinos that states that only one member per household may register an account. You cannot open multiple accounts with an online casino and use the same house address. Once you have become a member of the casino, you can now start to redeem your bonus. The registration is the easy part.

There are numerous ‘No Deposit Casinos’ out there today, which offer new players a small number of bonus funds to get you started for free! This could be anywhere in the region of £2 up to a maximum of usually no more than £25. Players do not normally have to deposit into their account to receive these funds, and this bonus cash will appear as either ‘Free Cash’ or ‘Bonus Funds.’ Whatever the casino calls this cash, it is free and can be used to play on selected games in the casino in the Real Cash Mode.

This is an ideal way for players to sample the games in the real cash mode without them having to use their cash to do so. Like many promotional offers, this one comes with no strings attached. However, players will not be able to withdraw this cash as soon as they receive it. They will have to wager a certain amount in the casino before they can cash out. This practice is otherwise known as ‘Wagering Requirements’ or ‘Playthrough Requirements’ and is written into the Terms and Conditions at almost every online casino.

A player is then usually required to deposit into their account before they can receive any winnings. On the plus side, you have been given a free cash gift, and the small price to pay is depositing into your account, which most of you planned on doing anyway. A minimum deposit will usually suffice, and most casinos minimum deposit amount ranges between £5 and £20 but check what that amount is before depositing.

Other bonuses can be redeemed simply by depositing funds into your accounts. These are called ‘Deposit Bonuses,’ or ‘Reload Bonuses.’ If there is a 100% matching deposit bonus (or similar offer), this means that a casino will match your deposit up to a certain amount. Therefore, depositing £100 will see that you are rewarded with an additional £100, so you have doubled up on your first deposit. Once again, the wagering requirements come into play here. These bonus funds will be released to the player incrementally as they hit certain milestones of their wagering requirements.

Players do not often realize these standard T’s and C’s, and this often results in players not receiving the full promotional cash that they thought was easy to receive. If you are opting for any other casino promotional offers and you are not sure of how to claim them, most reputable online casinos have a dedicated support network that is aimed at helping players. Should you have any issues or questions, the support team can be contacted to guide you through any queries or concerns that you may have, and they shouldn’t hesitate to explain how you can go about redeeming your online casino bonuses.

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