How Dad’s can cope with their First Born child!

In the beginning there was a boy-girl relationship.

I didn’t think much about it. Boy-girl relationships are common in life. It’s quite fun to have someone you extremely like to hang around with all the time.

Then came man and wife. I still didn’t think much about it. Marriages are common – people get married all the time. After the initial boy-girl phase, it seems natural to be officially attached to someone you love. Besides, both of us are independents; we can pretty much look after ourselves without depending on the other overmuch.

Then comes your first-born, and you got hit by a truck and woke up shaking your head, “where did that come from?”

The transition from a leisurely, half-dreaming existence, to sudden dire responsibility adds an extreme amount of SERIOUSNESS to your life. Suddenly you are no longer two adults getting by in the world.

You are PARENTS – a weird sounding word with a heck of a lot of responsibility tied to it.

All of a sudden, the world is no longer your oyster – it has become a place to work hard in SEARCH of oysters to feed your young.

There is a very small, defenseless baby woman who depends her total existence on you. She eats and drinks what you give her, burp only when you hold her up right after a feeding, and wouldn’t go to the toilet to dump her waste.

She is Life personified, REALLY.

Thank God, like any good story, this one doesn’t have only the downs. It has its ups as well and I’d reckon there is far more ups than downs in this elevator ride.

Sleepless nights was counterbalance by the gratifying feeling of watching her smile at you, like golden rays of the sun piercing through gloomy cloudy days. Worries and anxiety fade away after a hug and a kiss. And when she sleeps… you can graze down upon the face of an Angel.

You begin looking forward to your days spent with your FAMILY, yeah I like that sound. Much nicer than the official sounding word PARENTS, FAMILY has a nice familiar sound to it meaning closeness and comfortable feelings. FAMILY is where real success can be found. Where happiness in its pure unbridled form can be felt. FAMILY is man’s ultimate destination in this very short life.

The sum of what we are in this life depends very much on how our family sees us. Not the admiring fans, the money or the fame of our material success, but how your wife and children sees their husband and father.

The love and joy extended to me by my family is the sum of who I am, what I aspire to be and indeed my very existence on this earth.

And it all came from the time the first child is born.

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