How are the placements in the Manipal University for Architecture Students?

Bachelor of Architecture Manipal

Manipal University is one of the very known institutions of India whose name is enough to get you anywhere. Students who have studied at the institution consider themselves very privileged to have had that opportunity. Especially for programs like architecture, the college is renowned worldwide, and all the graduates of the faculty of architecture are now running their own successful firms or working under prestigious firms around the country.

One thing that makes Manipal university a very viable option for any student interested in architecture is that there is a world full of opportunities when one graduate from the university. The aspect that the University doesn’t have a placement cell for its architecture faculty might surprise many out there, but it is one of the things that makes Manipal different and better.

How does Manipal get jobs for its students?

Placement in the faculty of architecture works in collaboration with the faculty that teaches the students. Direct placements are very few in this particular program, but indirect placements in fifth year are very common.


Students go for their internships in the fifth year, which the university helps them get. The internship is paid, or unpaid depends on how well the student has worked through the internship. The college makes sure that every student gets paid for his/her hard work. If the required time is not put in, the end results might be different. The student is also put forward with an option to continue after graduation after his/her performance has been evaluated in the internship.


Students of architecture at Manipal university go in for their jobs after they have completed their thesis in the fifth year. This is where the faculty of teaching plays a major role for students. Most of them work in the industry and help them get good positions in renowned firms across the country. Many students go back to the firms they were doing an internship with or join the firms of their own faculty. Manipal has many industry tie-ups as well which turn up to be a great option for the students.  More than 200 firms are known to be tied up with the curriculum of architecture at Manipal.

On an average 90% of the students get placed in good firms, even internationally, because of the international collaborations that Manipal has. The best option for Manipal students is to get placed around Bangalore because of the presence of many good architecture firms in the city itself. These firms are also willing to come in for placements at the university, as well.

Requirements to get placed

The university has certain requirements for its own students, which need to be fulfilled before going forward for placements. The normal cut off for being able to give any internship or job interviews is 86%. Other than that, the student has to have complete credits and no backlogs to be able to go in for the final placement.

Is Manipal University a good option?

Manipal University is one of the best options around the country for studying architecture because of its very active placement cell that works towards making sure every student has a job by the end of his education at the university. The teaching aspect of the program is not doubtful at all, and the placement cell is equally competent with what it does. The institute has a very organized system of how it works, and the people heading it make sure that the system functions how it is supposed to. To get good results out of your education, Manipal faculty of architecture is one of the best options for interested students.

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