How Applicants Can Boost Their Chances Of Landing Teaching Jobs

Whether you are a seasoned teacher or just starting out your career as a mentor, the interview process can be a daunting part of the recruitment experience. But as with most things, ample preparation can help boost your chances of landing teaching jobs. Different schools offer several great opportunities for work and if you are lucky enough to get a chance for an interview, here are a few tips to give you an edge over other aspiring applicants.

Just like applying for a job in the corporate world, it will give you added leverage if you have prior knowledge about the school you are applying to. Luckily, most schools maintain their own websites where you can gather information, particularly about its mission-vision. If you manage to land the interview through the help of a teaching agency, you can solicit advice from them as it is highly likely that they have a lot of experience dealing with the particular school.

During your interview, you would want to appear as a professional. And as such, you should dress appropriately. Put on a business suit. If you should wear makeup and accessories, keep it to a bare minimum. You would not want your interviewers and future employers to get distracted by what you wear.

Interviews for teaching jobs are usually conducted by a panel which often includes the head teacher and members of the school management. Usually, the interview is segmented into different parts, informally starting with the tour of the school.

Some schools give applicants a written examination to gauge their proficiency in subjects like maths and grammar. Afterwards, applicants will ask you to teach an observed lesson. But before doing so, schools usually will give applicants the topic they will discuss. Again, preparation is key to ensuring that you make a good impression.

The actual interview process is an opportunity for you to show your competence and readiness to teach. And as such, you should take your time and carefully consider your answers, maintaining your composure along the way. Quite often, the questions that will be fielded to you are those related to the latest issues about the teaching profession so brush up on your knowledge beforehand. It will also help to seek the aid of a teaching agency about common questions that will be asked to you.

Interviews can be intimidating, even if you already have some years of experienced tucked under your belt. But with ample preparation, you can surely ace the interview process and show that you are the right person for the job.

Calvin John Mcphee is an educational consultant who specializes in teaching students who have learning disabilities, behavioural or emotional difficulties as well as those who are seeking private secondary tutor. He writes to share his experiences with people who wish to become a teacher.

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