The hotwheels at MIT

Now i chase you!

The sun had descended as the moon ascended over the clouds, the dust in the air was settling into the dark after another fine, long and exciting day of the on-going TECH-TATVA. The unusual serenity of MIT seemed to get engrossed in itself, but the team and participants of FUEL-RC had different plans altogether.

The track was laid, adorned with LED’s throughout the course and with the odd flood lights here and there. The participants looked set for their duels, and to battle it out to the top. As rivalries grew, suddenly the atmosphere occurred to be inhaling the smell of napalm. Yes, the official drag racing event, the BURN OUT by Fuel –RC was here to make us witness the zing of those little fuel-eating monsters made by the several talented participants over their course of time at the TECH-TATVA.

The crowd had gathered in full curiosity to witness this one-of-a-kind event, parking themselves in every nook and corner around the track. The drag duels began n full flare. The roar was an alert signal for each competitor, as the dust lifted off the ground while friction rested well on it.It witnessed those tiny remote controlled beasts from zipping and zooming past the finish line like flashes of lightning to going hay-ware, crashing into barriers, and catapulting and somer-saulting into the air. The talk across the crowd was much like the enchants , as the words read ” I wish i could ride that”.

For the odd spectators it was a treat for their “need for speed” and what better was to be asked for them if that excitement came the small powerpacks whose staple was the fuel. The lucky boys onto whom those hot chicks standing beside jumped and clung (and almost cohered for a while) when the RC-cars threatened to blaze into the crowd, what else could you have asked for?


Article by: Kamal Subudhi

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