Hope – A Poem by Sakshi Goyal

Artwork by Sheama Susan Dominy (Instagram – @chema_dominy)


Every morning I get up with one thing in my heart i.e. HOPE.

Hope that I’ll survive the day without battling with my sorrows.

Hope that today I can get little closer to the feeling of being loved.

Hope that today will be different from sad yesterday.

Hope that I’ll learn to live a little more this day.

Hope that there’ll be no tears and loneliness when the darkness hit the sky.

Hope that at least once in a day I can smile and can make someone smile.

Hope that I’ll live one more day without breaking into million pieces.

Hope that I’ll survive the day.


About the Poet – Sakshi Goyal is a first year Masters student pursuing Media and Communication at Manipal Institute of Communication, Manipal.