Here are 8 tips that you can use to secure your Chats on WhatsApp

With the start of android messaging applications, WhatsApp has remained the most common application that people are using in place of other messaging services. Now it has not only remained just a social messaging application but today a number of important and sensitive data details are being shared.

With the advent of live location sharing and payments through WhatsApp, there are many mods that can be used with WhatsApp, the prime ones being GB WhatsApp and Og Whatsapp.

Various professional organizations also have incorporated WhatsApp as a mode of communication with employees.

In this case, details like bank details, or some important data of the organization are daily shared. Not only corporate connections but also how people use WhatsApp to share personal images and videos.

Have you ever imagined that what if your data from WhatsApp is stolen by a third person?


This is the reason here are 8 tips that you can use to secure your Chats on WhatsApp.

Locking WhatsApp

Though there is no default locking system offered by WhatsApp, now there are a number of third-party applications that can help you in locking your WhatsApp application. This is the very first step of securing your WhatsApp chats that you can do.

Blocking images in WhatsApp gallery

You must have noticed that when you share any image or if anyone else shares any image or video with you, the file gets saved in your device. You can block these images and videos from being shown in your phone gallery. Android users can open File manager and go to WhatsApp, then Media, then WhatsApp images and create a folder naming it nomedia. Similarly, iPhone users can open setting menu and go to privacy, then photos and unmark WhatsApp.

Hiding last seen

Many people check you out by your ‘last seen’ status of WhatsApp. The easiest way is to disable your ‘last seen’ so that no one can one when you were online last time, though they can see you when you come online.

Restricting access to profile pictures

Now, this is quite commonly known that WhatsApp profile pictures can be easily downloaded. Many ill-minded people can download your image and can use it in the wrong way. The best way is to restrict your profile picture to be accessed only by your contacts. You can do this by going to the privacy settings of your profile.

Checking out for scams

These days there are a number of incidents when people are getting messages and emails from official WhatsApp site that is actually a fraud. It is always advised not to entertain or reply back to such emails or messages as because WhatsApp does not have that much time to send such messages to individuals.

Deactivating WhatsApp

Though there are a number of ways how you can secure your chat, in case your device gets stolen then this can be a trouble for you because WhatsApp uses your number to register you. In this case, immediately block your SIM card and get a duplicate SIM card of the same number and immediately deactivate your WhatsApp account. If you are not able to do it, then you can visit the official website of WhatsApp and follow the methods of deactivating your account.

Being careful during sharing data

It is well understood that WhatsApp has even replaced emails at some places. But it is very important to think and be careful before sharing important or personal data.

WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web is a new service launched by WhatsApp using which you can access your profile on a desktop. It is very much important that once you are leaving your desktop, you should always log out of your profile so that no one else can peep inside your details.

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