Helping children lead asthma-free lives, safely

Asthma is a growing concern for many people. While some people develop this condition late in their lives, some are born with it due to defective genes. The severity of asthma attacks varies in people. Some people can lead reasonably normal lives even with asthma. Some lead extremely restricted lives due to this problem. But when it comes to children, asthma is doubly painful because no child wants to stay indoors and miss out on the fun they can have with their friends near their home or at school due to respiratory problems.

Children need to stay away from strong medicines as much as possible in their tender ages. With allopathic medicines, the chances of side effects run very high in children especially because their internal organs are still developing. Also, with heavy dosages or frequent use of air pumps, it is possible that a child’s natural immune system gets dulled over time and even slight change in weather or location can cause a severe asthmatic attack.

Homeopathy works wonders in almost cases. The effects develop gradually but remain for the rest of the child’s life. In fact, many children have successfully beaten asthma completely, thanks to homeopathy. While some doctors review each case and then peg them under general categories and accordingly prescribe medicines, homeopathy follows a more individual, customized solution for each child. A homeopathic doctor carefully reviews the history of the child, checks if there are any other illnesses to be borne in mind while deciding on the treatment plan, checks the severity of the attack in different circumstances (such as during weather changes or exposure to dust or other foreign particles), monitors the improvement of a patient when a basic course has started and then continues with the treatment.

Homeopathic treatment for asthma in children is provided bearing in mind their restless nature and the health of the other organs of the body. With absolutely no side-effects, a child can see the effects of the herbs and natural ingredients slowly while still leading an active life. Harmful products like steroids and scary injections can be banished forever and the child goes through the treatment with very little pain.Asthma triggers

Triggers of asthmatic attacks in children are usually the same as they are for adults. Some of the common causes are:

  1. Seasonal changes – the biggest culprit
  2. Exposure to sunlight, damp weather, pollen, pollution, etc.
  3. Time of the day – some children suffer them only during the nights
  4. Changes in exercising pattern. Strenuous bouts of games or running around may cause asthma in children.
  5. Anxiety, depression and fear
  6. Change in the lunar cycle (movements of the moon)

So, it is important to give equal care and importance to such attacks in children too and must not be taken lightly. There are many specialized centers in India, which offer homeopathic treatments, but you must be sure one who has experience and does not deal with sub-standard ingredients in the preparation of the medicine.

About the author: The author is a renowned homeopathic doctor who has treated several ill patients in various stages of severity with natural remedies. He is a member of the famous DRSS Health Center.


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