They say he went mad

Date: February 22, 2030
Place: Some remote place in Assam
Time: 5 pm

Dear diary, this is my first attempt to write a regular journal! Hope it works! 🙂

The only noise that I can hear right now is that of the wind. The wind is lovely at my farm at this time of the year. I am sitting on a wooden chair in front of my farm. I made this chair myself. Nothing is more comfortable than this. The land was just another muddy place when I came here five years ago. But now this is a beautiful farm. I have worked hard single-handedly to raise all these crops. It might sound a little amusing but yes, I think that I might be the most educated farmer in the whole country. I have seen the world. There is nothing out there that satisfies me more than living like this. My life is not a puppet controlled by the Rupee. I have all the time in the world. I let my imaginations run wild. I work hard in the farm. I try to paint my imaginations from time to time. I write my thoughts when I can’t paint them. I rest when I want to. I am my own boss here. My friends are working people who are teachers, government servants etc. They come to visit me on weekends from the town nearby. I love my life. It’s peaceful.

“O dear! Time to feed the dog! Hurry up!”

That’s my wife calling. I have to go now. I hope I’ll write tomorrow.


PS: Congrats! You are a millionaire’s diary. My life is not a puppet controlled by the Rupee. But then that’s a different story.


Date: February 22, 2030
Place: New Delhi
Time: 5 pm

Akash: It’s so good to meet you at last!
Vinay: Same here! You gained some weight Akash!
Akash: Hah! Look what married life did to us.
Vinay: (laughing) so where is the rest of the gang?
Akash: Well Ankur is in the states. Prakash is in Chennai. Still not heard of Chetan?
Vinay: No! The last I heard about him was some 4-5 years ago. He was planning to start a farm of some sort. They say he went mad.


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