A Goodbye to Manipal

Manipal Doodle
The Manipal we Know so well!

Thank you Manipal for treating me well and giving me much more than I asked for!

It feels like yesterday when I first came to my hostel room wondering how the hell I’m going to spend the next 4 years! And the rest is history. The 4 years were just not enough. You can never get contended with this place.There is something ‘magical’ about this place.
From hostel friends, bakchods of R section and retards of IT section C, From 16th block to 17th block to 9th block to Pavithra, From NLH to AB5, From VGT to DeeTee, and from Club Activities to Revels, its been an astounding & unforgettable journey.

Engineering would never had been the same without Manipal and the wonderful people that make it what it is now.

Manipal Doodle
The Manipal we Know so well!

As I pack my bag and see-off people now and then,it’s hard to believe that after 2 months we won’t be back together. Alas, Manipal will still come in our dreams and we shall meet again !

This is 100911553 signing off.

Mighty Mighty MIT.

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