Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

This day is celebrated in many different countries on many different days, the 23rd of February (Russia), the 26th of December (Bolivia). However, the third Sunday in June has become the day on which the majority of countries celebrate their fathers. On Father’s Day, people want to give their fathers something special and it can be hard to find the perfect gift.  Below are some ideas of the best gifts available for fathers.

  • Hamper Gifts
    Hampers are always a great gift idea. Not only do they look fabulous, but they can contain just about anything you want to give as a gift. Bottles of liqueurs, wines or spirits, chocolates, biscuits, fruits, cheeses, the list of items that can be included in a hamper is endless. There are also a great many ways of presenting a hamper in order to make it look attractive and eye-catching.
  • Adventure Gifts
    If your dad is fond of living life a little on the wild side, many websites provide adventure gifts to give the recipient the time of their lives. Adventure gifts in South Africa can include mountain climbing, bungee jumping, diving with sharks or game viewing at one of the beautiful game reserves. Another great idea is to treat your dad to a weekend away somewhere, either on his own, with some friends, or with your mother.
  • Spa Gifts
    Many people believe that spas, massages and treatments are only for women, but many men enjoy them too and a number of spas have come up with a selection of treatments and packages aimed specifically at men. These make great gifts for Father’s Day. Give your hard working father a chance to relax.
  • Books, CDs and DVDs
    Father’s Day is a great time to give your dad the book he’s been dying to read, the latest cd of his favourite band, or a DVD of a movie he loves.
  • Hobby Gifts
    If your dad enjoys a particular hobby such as fishing, a gift that will always be well received is a gift connected to his hobby, whether it be a new piece of equipment, or a book on the subject.
  • Gadgets
    Occasions such as Father’s Day are a great opportunity to introduce your father to the technological world that he may not know is out there. Gadgets such as laptops, mp3 players, iPods, eBook readers and GPS devices all make great gifts for any occasion.

With the huge variety of gifts out there, it is impossible not to find the perfect gift for your dad. And whatever gift you decide to give to him, he will value and treasure it all the more because it was a gift from you and given with love.

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