From Student to Entrepreneur: Let’s Start Up – Virtually There- V4

Choose to be an entrepreneur!

Four. I’ll miss those classy fours that came out from VVS Laxman’s bat. This was the first thing that came to my mind when I was thinking for ideas on V4. Ideating is always a problem, isn’t it, Mr. Baby Bachchan?

Welcome to Virtually There (VT) – V4, version four, time to start a startup!

I promise this won’t be a technical version. My technical background will merely boost the quality of this article and will help me connect with the “common man” better. Yes, Indian National Congress had a great idea under their sleeves last elections; it overshadowed the “India Shining”, way to go, “aam aadmi”!

From student to entrepreneur: let's start up - virtually there- v4 1
Choose To Be An Entrepreneur!

Who hasn’t played the game- Angry Birds, very simple, intuitive and entertaining? Interesting part is to know what led for its making; back in 2009 the “swine flu” epidemic was in the news, so the designers made the pigs as enemies for birds, developers had sensed the pulse of mass. Making market analysis or money flow or preparing charts was not their priority then!

Be it politics, science, technology, medicine, art, poetry or anything which requires craftsmanship of a human being to come into existence, what is most needed is not the ideas; every second guy has an idea, a business plan and pack of dreams. Shopping for cradle before the baby is born is not the right thing to do!

Some of us are willing or have started up new ventures just to avoid our ever pissing off managers. Or some of us like to live our everyday like a king and not as a slave. Or we have seen our friends earn extra buck after pulling their weekends to put up a website. Or some of us just hate being part of big brands and rather like to build our own. Or we are just inspired by a dream of getting listed in Wall street!

Here comes the need of v4- we four- our neighborhood. If you are inspired by life and not by anything I listed above, congratulations, you are our ‘best future’ entrepreneur! Planning to be an entrepreneur? Check out to get an idea!

Go out to the streets, explore roadside food joints, and travel in most rigorous mode of journey. When we do this, let’s empathize with whatever we encounter. I am sure “aam aadmi” will completely conquer our acumen and take us out from the darkness of our presumption. Ideas will grab us. Gold that is mined has to go through the darkness before it actually starts to glitter!

Time to mine, time to explore, time to go, time to start!

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