Flipkart Launches What India Reads!

Flipkart has come out with a new page on their app called, “ What India Reads ”. You can download the Flipkart app here.

“ What India Reads ” is all about what you read or would like to read. The app is designed basis genres for now and will soon feature what celebrities and authors read as well.

The idea of the app is to make readers aware of what books are right at the top and to help them discover books they might have not known of earlier.


Here are a few snapshots of what the app pages look like!

What India Reads-Flipkart 1

The importance of reading!

There is no doubt about it; people seem to be reading less these days. For whatever reason, whether it be TV, computers or other media, the public is able to get access to information through hearing and seeing and not reading. Why read the newspaper when you can get headlines online as soon as you get to work? This is what some people might say too when you ask them why they don’t read; they don’t really need to, etc. But the reality is, we do need to read. Despite our high-speed, E-book, Internet-crazy world, reading is essential to learning, whether you do it from a computer screen or the daily paper over your morning cup of coffee.

What to read, what to read……………


Interesting History:

American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House (English) – a biography about Andrew Jackson.  He may have been a jerk but he was interesting.

An Unfinished Life by Robert Dallek – an insightful biography of JFK

The Devil’s Own Work– the true story of the NYC draft riots during the Civil War

His Excellency– a look at George Washington



David Copperfield – Best opening line in all of literature

Little Dorritt– Can’t go wrong with Charles Dickens

A Confederacy of Dunces– funny, funny book

The Catcher in the Rye– in my opinion a perfectly written book

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