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In the small town of Jamshedpur, the word ‘Manipal’ has almost become a cliché. You would be surprised by the number of people you will meet from Jamshedpur there. Impression of Manipal has become synonymous with the perfect place to spend four years in the name of college. With the number of people taking admission in Manipal increasing year after year, everyone knows Manipal is a very good college, and definitely an awesome place. Till now, I had only heard about Manipal having very good infrastructure, top-notch facilities, lots of night-clubs/pubs, perfect weather (which I now don’t agree with after Counseling weather), good crowd and satisfactory education.

All this was before my Manipal counseling. I surprisingly managed a decent rank in the ENAT and got a call for the counseling. On reaching Manipal, I discovered that all that I heard about this place was true but it was not enough to describe that place.

Manipal seemed to be like this place that was tailor-made for youngsters. It was the perfect place to party, play, hang out with friends and all the other things and at last, study. With most of the crowd being between 18 and 25 and parents more than 2 flights and a bus away, it could not really get better than this.

The MIT campus was huge. One look at the new hostel, and it looked more like some hotel than a place where students would spend their next four years. After taking a bus to the Academic block, I got to learn about the Academic side of Manipal, something that was new for me. It wasn’t just a place for fun but some serious learning could take place here as well. The NLH is a marvelous glass-walled structure, which showcased the brilliance of the modern architecture. Whereas the old building seemed more like a college building. After walking down the corridors of the old building, I got to know about the various labs and how Manipal has better infrastructure than most other colleges. I also learnt about the various clubs, activities, fests and programmes. The Central Library, Marena, Food Court, Swimming Pool, all these were part of the facilities that Manipal had to offer. I was particularly impressed by the food court, it is unlike any college mess I’ve seen or heard about. It wasn’t some run-of-the-mill college, but it gave me the feeling of being a part of a real University.

When the time for my counseling came, I didn’t get my desired branch and all my dreams about being a part of MIT disappeared. Manipal wasn’t just about fun or studies, it was more than that. It was about widening one’s own horizons and spending the best four years of one’s life with as many new experiences as possible. I do hope I get the branch I want, and get a chance to be a part of this institution and spend the next four years of my life in Manipal.

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