Few Things Which Girls Hate about Guys

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All guys who are in their teens must be wondering why all girls seem to be crazy and why do they react so weirdly to different situations? Why do so many differences start creeping in when they start growing up. Guys would want to be aware of all the tiny things which girls hate about them. If you are a person belonging to this category, Manipal Monk has some superb suggestions for you.

Girls find it very annoying if the guy is not presentable and especially if the guy is smelly and not hygienic. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to be neat and clean at all times.

Girls want guys to know that nothing turns them off than bad breath. Always remember chewing gums or mint for that matter for refreshment does no harm.

Girls find it very irritating if the guys don’t have proper mannerisms. For example, if a guy does not eat properly with perfect table mannerisms, it could prove to be a huge turn-off.

Girls hate it when guys cannot come up with proper plans of deciding on a place for a date and leave everything for the girl to decide. A guy who doesn’t know how to organize stuffs and lead from the front is the last person who a girl would be attracted to.

Some guys always want girls to be perfect. Girls want all guys to know that it really hurts their heart when guys shamelessly and openly stare at other hot girls passing by. They wouldn’t possibly share it with you, but they definitely suffer from jealousy.

Who would want to be with a guy who is needy, clingy and has way too much insecurity embedded within himself ?

If a guy shows any hint that he is not interested in being around with her, that’s the end of it all.

The Manipal Monk warns all the guys that if they continue to commit the same above mentioned mistakes, it could destroy their chances of any degree of success with a particular woman.

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