Festive season away from home in Manipal …

Festive season away from home is a weird mix of nostalgia, ‘tears wrapped smiles’ and exhilaration of creating new memories miles away from home.

Waking up in the morning casts a shade of gloom when it’s not the ‘Dhaak’ of Durga puja / or the aroma of special dishes/ or just your mother screaming to lend a helping hand in Diwali decorations, but rather the same old alarm clock ; is such a pain.

What makes the morning routine worse is having to attend college during the time.

A little solace comes from the fact ,that you would have familiar faces in your class reflecting that ‘broken hearted choked back tears’ look that you had this morning.

To make up for another festival away from home, all of us, make innumerable WhatsApp groups planning out elaborate house parties,dinner parties and afterparties, where each one tries to replicate a bit of home by whipping up dishes in the induction ,and feeling a little ‘ MasterChef Australian’ (Yes that was the true MasterChef!).

There’s sneaking of spirits(or booze) , going broke over poker, dancing away to a mix of crappy Bollywood or EDM, or swaying and crooning to Coldplay.

Also there’s the occasional involvement of draping oneself in Ma’s precious Sari, or that new crisp Kurta.

Yet, another year of not having a grand Eid feast with the family! But the little hostel overcooked “seviyan kheer” compensates a little

Yet, another year of no grand Diwali family gatherings! But the partially working fairy lights and little diyas lighting up your room make up for it marginally.


Yes it’s another festive season away from home,but your little family in Manipal,more than makes up for it.

You might be home during the next set of festivals  going through everyone’s Instagram stories will make you wish for yet ‘another festive season away from home.’

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