Factors To Consider When Choosing A Supplier For RFID Tags And Labels

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Covid-19 has been a worldwide issue. All countries are being affected by this pandemic; the health, economy, and life of people are diminished and impaired. To somehow lessen the scare of the virus, there are testing facilities that were made available to test whether a person is infected by the virus or not. The early testing of the infection can limit the spread of the disease as the patients can be isolated from the healthy crowd or when showing symptoms can be treated in a hospital facility when necessary.

As the specimen samples of the patients are transferred from one location to another, COVID-19 labels are necessary to ensure that the samples are labeled accordingly and not mixed up. Meanwhile, RFID labels and tags can give workers in the facility, same as with the patients, the information as to where the samples are located, hence they would know when test results would come out.

There are actually a lot of RFID tags and label suppliers all over the world, these suppliers began manufacturing these labels and tags long before the Covid-19 co-existed with the humans. Hence for facilities that need them, finding the best supplier is not the easiest to do, considering that there are a lot of manufacturers offering the same service.

Out of the many suppliers around, have you ever thought which of them could supply the labels and tags your laboratory needs? If you are not decided yet, below are a few factors to consider when choosing a supplier of RFID tags and labels.

  • Offers affordable labels and tags

The supplier you must choose should be able to offer affordable RFID labels and tags. Sure, you are considering the prices of their products but that should not in any way affect its quality.

There are many suppliers around and due to tight marketing competition, companies are trying their best not only to manufacture highly resistant and good quality tags and labels but also to offer them at a better price.

  • Can deliver fast

The faster they can deliver the goods, the better. You would not want to wait for too long especially if there are a lot of samples to test and deliver to testing facilities. Everything should be done in a fast pace, same as with receiving the items you need to do your jobs properly.

Although there are many factors that can influence the time of delivery like location, availability of items, holidays, and other unforeseen circumstances, hence it is best if you place your orders earlier.

  • Offers not just tags

Choose a manufacturer that offers not only RFID labels and tags but also RFID readers, RFID printers, and so on. A one-stop shop where you can get all your required supplies is without a doubt a good idea to consider.

Needless to say, you can buy it from manufacturers that only do the manufacturing of labels and tags, but if there is a chance where you can shop everything you need from just one shop, why not, right?

  • Has customer service available to assist

Choose a supplier that has customer service available that you can call when you have concerns, issues, or inquiries about their products. The more customer contact options they have, the better.

  • Can deliver worldwide

Choose a company that can deliver worldwide. Sure, you would not want your labels and tag options limited to just suppliers in your country. But expect that delivery time is longer and delivery fees will be applied if you choose suppliers from a different country. Needless to say, if you think they are a better choice, grab it.

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