Experience nostalgia as Raghu Dixit and Rasmika Mandana share their memories of Bangalore

In the last couple of years, Bangalore has changed a lot; one should ask those who have been living here since long. There is a sense of nostalgia attached to their words whenever they talk about the city. But they have welcomed the change in the city too. While conversing with these two celebs about Bangalore and how have they flirted with the change in the city, we talked with them about their memories of the city regarding the #FlirtWithYourCity campaign.

Indie artist Raghu Dixit shares his memories, he said, “We used to sit amidst the vendors at the Krishna Rajendra flower market that it has been around for more than 20 years, ever since I came to Bangalore. Over so many years, many people have come down and settled down here. The flowers here are the best representation of what the city is, according to me.”Raghu

Actress Rasmika Mandana expresses her love for BEL road where she pursued her graduation at Ramaya College, she said, “I shifted here in 2014 and my family used to constantly worry about my whereabouts. As earlier this place used to be so underdeveloped that people would be scared to come down here. But as times have changed, Bangalore has become one of the safest cities especially for girls during the nighttimeyou’ll always find it buzzing with people. Its great to live here!”

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