The Essentials Of Punjabi Fashion

While the ever popular salwar kameez is popular all over north India especially in the states of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh, the outfit has taken over almost all parts of India including the southern states as well. Now there are women everywhere who are looking to buy best Punjabi parandi. While the salwar kameez is worn mostly by women, men also wear it in different designs as well. The salwar kameez is also known as the Punjabi suit.

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For those who don’t know what the salwar kameez is like, it comprises of loose trousers that taper down at the ankles. That is called the salwar. The kameez is the top which usually reaches the length of the mid thigh or could be longer or shorter. The scarf or the dupatta is draped around the neck. Usually the colour of the dupatta is made to match or contrast the colour of the salwar kameez. The material of the dupatta can either be the same fabric as the suit or be of a lighter kind with embellishments.

The kameez can either be very plain and simple or they can be of the fancy kind. Sometimes, the kameez is adorned with stones, embroidery, mirrors and other embellishments. The price of the suit will all depend on the amount and quality of these embellishments. It also depends on the occasion on which the salwar kameez has to be worn. For special ceremonies like weddings and other festivals, the suits are highly decorated and can be very expensive too. For casual wear, the suits are usually pretty simple. Simple cotton salwar suits come at reasonable prices. The ones made of silk and other materials can be very costly.

Punjabi fashion in the South

In the south, salwar kameez has become very popular and is termed as the churidar. Here, there are different kinds of fabrics that are used to make the suits. These include cotton, silk, chiffon, etc.

Choosing the right necklines

Earlier there weren’t too many varieties when it came to choosing the necklines for salwar suits. There were usually round or square necks. Now there are bewildering varieties of necklines to choose from.

Necklines should be chosen depending on the shape and structure of your shoulder. Some necklines are suited for broad shoulders while others are suited for narrow ones. If you have slender and narrow shoulders, then the best kind of neckline would be broad ones.

For the broad shouldered women, necklines which distract from the shoulder should be chosen. Narrow necklines in V and U shapes are perfect for broad shoulders. For narrow shouldered women, there is the boat neck, scoop neck, square neck, crew neck, etc.

If your shoulders are very narrow, the neckline of the kameez should be structured in such a way that it elongates the length of your shoulder and makes it look broader than normal. The necklines with horizontal lines will give your shoulders a wider look. You can even wear necklines which have wide straps. On the other hand, don’t o in for very slim straps because they will make your narrow shoulders look even smaller.

Lastly, remember that the kameez should be properly fitted to your shoulders. Don’t let them hang loose or you will look even thinner than normal. Choose the patterns, colours and shapes that suit your style. Also remember to buy best Punjabi parandi to accessorise your salwar kameez.

About the author: Rila Charles is a fashion designer who likes experimenting with Indian fashion especially Punjabi outfits and where to buy best Punjabi parandi. Rila likes to sketch in her free time.

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