Escape Room: Movie Review

Author: Admira Parveen | Staff Blogger

Escape room is a thriller film in similar veins as the movies Saw and The Hunger Games. It works on a basic level and promises to keep you entertained for the most part. However, the tale is quite sadistic and leaves a lot of questions unanswered.

The story is about six people, who strangely enough, are summoned to solve puzzles in locked spaces and elaborately constructed chambers. The game entails getting through these rooms to avoid death and hence winning a grand prize of ten thousand dollars in the end. The players include a student named Zoey, a war veteran Amanda, an escape room enthusiast Danny, a businessman Jason, a grocery store clerk Ben and an ex-mine worker Mike. All the characters although coming from diverse backgrounds have one thing in common – they are all
lone survivors.

As they escape from one room to another, the puzzles and circumstances surface as fresh and intriguing to hold the interest of the audience. The game is designed to tap into the deepest fears of the players. It is visioned to represent the “game of life” and follows the idea of “survival of the fittest.”

While the first half is exhilarating, the beginning of the second half gets clichéd and predictable. Although,
the ending is gripping and anxiety-inducing, it fails to keep up with the big hype and build up that the movie leads to. The movie ends in a cliff-hanger which promises a sequel, but I doubt if it will be worth the watch.

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