Entry no 12(Paranormal Romance)

His sensory exhaustion censored the luster of the luminous room… to his foggy eyes it was just a muddle. Alcohol, paper, and floral fossils accumulated on the floor…

He opened an ancient book…

“The Hungry Stones- A Nec-Romance-y handbook”

In sedated reluctance, eclipsed by inquisitiveness, he turned to the introduction.

“Romance starved? Heartbroken? Here is the miraculous cure. Necromancy is the science of invoking spirits. Spectrologists claim that ghosts are much more reciprocating, willing, and permissive lovers than human. Their solitude makes them most desirous of human company. They do not fake themselves… and are candid about their romantic resolve, independent of materialistic demands.

This book offers a three weeks course for mastering the Art. Immense dedication is required. You can summon the most beautiful ghosts in town.

You would be required to spend hours in vacuous meditative inertness, in an uncanny indoor climate. Results are guaranteed.

The first few trials might not be wholesomely effective. Partial emergence of the figures, in unclear blurs, might occur in initial stages. They solidify later.

Remember- Practice makes perfect!”

He read the entire piece of meticulously instructive literature, and obeyed everything. He made preparations, and performed accurately. No answer! He was frustrated! He realized that the only female he desired to envision was his past lover, who had committed suicide last night, after a brutal split. But he failed. He cursed the book, and rose. On looking at his disheveled bed, he discovered the cause of his failure. There, on the bed, lay his own lifeless body… the veins slit, drenched in a pool of blood. When had he done this? In his intoxicated stupor?

He did forgive the book… agreed that it hadn’t faked its promises. Naturally, a ghost can’t invoke a ghost…. just as human cannot invoke humanity.


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