Eight Ways by Which You Can Protect Your Eyes in Winter Season

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With the winter creating havoc across the northern hemisphere, it is important that you know the tips to protect your pretty eyes in the cold weather. Freezing cold temperatures and chilly winds give a real hard time to your body especially your eyes. What you are going to read next are some easy ways to protect your eyes and enjoy the winter season.

1.  Stay Away from UV Rays

If you think eye protection is only important during the summer, it is time you think again. During the winter, the UV rays have a more intense effect on your skin and eyes. UV rays can hit your eyes after being reflected by the surface of earth. Reflection of sun rays can also expose your eyes to UV rays so it is important that you use quality eye wear.

You will be surprised to know that UV rays reflected by snow can cause ‘sun burned’ eyes. Bear in mind that excessive exposure to UV rays increases your risk of eye disorders and other complications such as cataract .

You should use quality womens sunglasses to protect your eyes from potential harm. They must also protect their eyes if you they use contact lenses. Make sure you use quality products when it comes to contact lenses.

2. Keep Your Eyes and Skin Hydrated

Winter season is particularly harsh for your skin and eyes. Low temperatures and dry air make your skin rough and the effects are also prominent on your eyes. Make sure you drink sufficient quantities of water to keep your skin and mucous membranes hydrated. Add some fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet which are a rich source of antioxidants. Fresh fruits and veggies also have water content which helps balance your skin’s natural moisture.

3.  Sleep Well

A good night’s sleep keeps your body healthy and the winter is the right time to enjoy some rest. You can prevent dark circles and puffiness around the eyes when you sleep properly. Remember without proper sleep, your body has no chances of being in perfect health.

4. Say No to Room Heaters

Room heaters absorb room moisture and make your eyes feel itchy and dry. If you need to maintain temperature and keep your room warm during the winter season, you can always use humidifiers instead of room heaters.

5. Use Protective Eye Gear When Out for Skiing

As mentioned earlier, your eyes can be damaged by the UV rays reflected by snow. If you love spending time skiing, use quality ski glasses or protective goggles to keep your eyes safe. You can find a variety of goggles that can be used comfortably even when you are wearing contact lenses.

6. Moisturize Your Skin Particularly the Eye Area

You already know that your eye area is really sensitive and can get rough and dry really fast. In addition to drinking lots of water and eating a diet rich in fresh fruits and veggies, you can use any good eye cream to avoid the skin becoming excessively dry. Apply sufficient amount of cream carefully around your eye area to avoid dark circles from appearing.

7.  Use Artificial Tears If You Wear Contact Lenses

Eyes usually become dry during the winter and you can experience slight discomfort if you spend more time outside especially when you are wearing contact lenses. It is important that you keep your eyes and contact lenses lubricated. The use of artificial tears is a good way to do this. Soft contact lenses wearers are quite happy with the lubrication effect provided by artificial tears.

8. Wear Hooded Jackets

When you are outdoors, wear hooded jackets or hats to give extra protection to your eyes. Research also suggests that you should reduce the amount of alcohol intake to prevent your eyes from getting excessively dry.

Your eye health means a lot to you. Hope these tips help you take really good care of your eyes during the winter season.

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