Easy Tips and Tricks for Students to Thrive in Class 7 Maths

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To excel in your education, you must be the best in all the subjects. This includes one of the most challenging subjects – maths as well. Most of you find difficulties in solving those maths problems and calculating the sums. However, if you want to pursue a promising career, your maths must be excellent in school. Especially now, when you have reached class 7, your levels will be more complicated than before. That is why practicing constantly is required. And for this, if you need some tips and tricks, keep reading.

Use the NCERT solutions for class 7 maths

The NCERT solutions for class 7 maths are one of the most reliable sources for studying this subject. These NCERT solutions for class 7 maths are carefully prepared by expert teachers and provided systematically for the students who struggle in this subject. Also, these are primarily based on your class 7 maths textbook, so you can refer to them without any worries.

Use a good studying app and website

You will require particular help to study your class 7 maths properly. Since the level will be more complex, it is excellent if you find a friendly learning app or website at this stage. There are various applications and websites available online. You can choose the one that provides ready-made solutions for all the problems, systematic and easy answers to the questions, and audio and video lectures to refer to for explanations. Ensure that you are taking some demo classes in the application or website before going for the premium version of this application for further studies.

Concentrate on your maths lectures

Understanding maths is all about proper explanation and concentration. If you are not concentrating enough during your live lectures when your teacher is teaching, you won’t be able to track the subject later at home. If you want to thrive the class 7 level maths,  you have to be very active during your maths class in school or online tutorials wherever you are learning this subject.

Keep on practice consistently

Constantly practicing is essential to excel in maths. Since you will be calculating and solving some examples throughout the year, you must also have a clue about various formulas and number tables. Dedicate some amount of time each day to this subject throughout the year for the preparation of this subject properly.

Try some mock tests on the subject once a week

Practice or mock tests are the best sources to get acquainted with and improve in any subject. Try to practice at least one mock test each week so that you are constantly in the habit of giving tests for the issue, and this also reduces your nervousness during the examinations leading to better results. Also, keep track of your watch and time while you solve the maths problems and sums so that you are not wasting much time on your calculations during your examinations later.


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