Drop Everything Else – Read This: Beautiful World of the BackBenchers – Manu Joseph

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A really awesome column by Manu Joseph in today’s Times of India. This one is a satirical analysis of why the youth of today need to look beyond life as an engineer/doctor/MBA graduate!!

An Excerpt

The most foolish description of youth is that it is rebellious. The young do wear T-shirts that say Rebel or Che or Bitch. But the truth is that the youth, especially in this country, is a fellowship of cowards. It lives in fear. Fear of life, fear of an illusory future. The perpetual trauma of the forward castes is inextricably woven into this fear. And what Arjun Singh’s successful reservation campaign has denied them is the right to a secured but ordinary life, a life that comes with scoring 98 percent in the board exams, a life that goes like this: Engineer-MBA-anonymous. You can argue that this route is better than sociology-salesman-anonymous. But that will be to focus unduly on the ordinary among the cowards. The real tragedy concerns the extraordinary cowards. Great writers, painters, musicians and athletes who are lost forever to what are moronically called, ‘the professional courses’. Instead of pursuing their talents they are, right now, in dark gloomy tutorials preparing for entrance exams, fatally infected by objective type questions. The angle between tangents drawn from the point (1,4) to the parabola y^2=4x is?

Do Read the Rest of the article here: Beautiful World of the BackBenchers – Manu Joseph


  1. never thought so much deeply…:) never knew what i really wanted. never cared abt marks in exms. forged signature of my parents whn i failed studied wt toppers whn i felt like knowing, drank wt backbenchers whn i felt like drinking. Became a doc n life's cool now helping people. never thought i should hv done dis or tht. i just can't b so cruel to myself 'cause i don't want God 2 tell me after i die, "saala masti karne ke liye neche bheja tha ro ro ke wapas aa gaya."

  2. I disagree. It's because we think that they do not keep us monetarily stable that they aren't allowed to be given the same status as "education". It's very easy to blame the system, but I see no point in doing that if you cannot perceive creativity outside of the so-called professional streams as equally important. In life.Fantastic article, and thoroughly relevant. In keeping with the theme, can't help but share this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iG9CE55wbtY

  3. @Anonymous:It's a personal choice ! All the writer is trying to say is , rather than following the crowd one must learn to think out of the box and should be able to make his own decisions in life. However I do not disregard the fact that children have parental pressure to score well but again, it's only because they want the best for their child. One must be able to think for oneself and do what they like either be it pursuing higher studies in a reputed institution or exploring a career in art or music! Hell I would love to do both! Because many students in IIT got there because they really wanted it! Deal with the fact that some people love to study engineering or physics while others might enjoy writing or playing cricket. There is no discrimination amongst either both have their pro's and con's. It's just a part and parcel of life.

  4. To whom do we owe the duty to pursue our dreams? I would say to none other than our children, so that they as well may grow up to be people not constraining their lives by the fear of the unknown.

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